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Lorenzo Cano, Reporter

Lorenzo Cano is a Junior CHS student and a Reporter for the Wolfpacket. They enjoy listening to musical artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Yung Lean, Solange, and SZA. Their favorite song as of right now is Riot! by Earl Sweatshirt or Self Control by Frank Ocean. During school you can find them wishing they had a pair of earbuds to drown out the world with music, but you can also find them doodling on any piece of paper they can find. They’re currently attempting to juggle 3 IB classes and a relentless Spanish class. They love viewing paintings, and browsing through collections of vintage photographs. They cannot wait to live in places like Australia, remote parts of Utah, Montana and Wyoming and visit places like Bran Castle in Romania. Their favorite sport of all time is track and field. Their favorite dinosaur is the Ankylosaurus. Currently, they’re waiting for their hair to grow out and have vowed to never cut it for the rest of high school.

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Lorenzo Cano