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The student news site of Claremont High School

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The student news site of Claremont High School

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Batman walking across the central quad
photo courtsey of anonymous
SATIRE: The mysterious Batman fights local crime at CHS hallways
David Begazo, Co-Opinions Editor • May 6, 2022

Across the country, crime is on the rise, especially in Claremont High School, where students frequently litter, disrespect teachers, and cheat on tests. It is a place in...

Photo courtesy of Maya Garcia
Overturning Roe v Wade: a supreme ruling that just won't work
Carson Paul, Reporter • May 6, 2022

Disclaimer: this article was written before the recently leaked SCOTUS draft on Roe v. Wade, but the Wolfpacket believes the facts and opinions in this article still hold...

140 reasons to go to prom
Lucas Grannis and Isabelle Shie May 6, 2022

5. Pictures! Getting photos in your fancy outfit will make it a night to remember. 10. The High School Experience! This is a night you will never forget, and something...

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Reporter Anna Jiang posing with the Wolfpackets room cardboard cut out mascots
SATIRE: Best room on campus, the Wolfpacket room
Anna Jiang, Reporter • April 1, 2022

Everyone has heard of ASB, with their flashy posters at school events and “amazing” organization skills. They even have a special sign on their office door dedicated to...


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2022: The year of anime
Anna Jiang May 6, 2022

2022, the most anticipated year for anime fans/weebs. Many new animes have come out with their first-ever seasons or fan favorites receiving their long awaited new seasons....

Why the PE credit system is broken
Anna Jiang, Reporter • May 6, 2022

Running endless laps around the track, multi-stage pacer tests, and playing indoor soccer is not what everyone wants to be doing with their school day. PE has always been...

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Shenali Mathias soars to St. Andrews, Scotland
Shenali Mathias soars to St. Andrews, Scotland
Joseph Salvinski, Former Editor-in-Chief • June 11, 2021

When many think of Scotland, rolling green hills, highlands, or even a picture of the highland games outside an old and weathered castle may come to mind. Shenali Mathias,...