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Sebastians greate olive branch of peace; the letter -Sebastian

Matteo Quadrini Saves The Wolfpacket

John Warren and Izzy Thomas November 19, 2021

The year was 2015. An incredibly well dressed, poofy haired Condit fourth grader was desperate for the attention of one poor girl: Sequoia Clark. This peculiar man-child craved love and affection — he...

Art courtesy of Wobi Antoniolli

Scanning the school for safety

Mayo Ou and Anna Jiang November 19, 2021

In the first few months fully back in-person, amid dances, rallies, and just normal day-to-day life, CHS has become a place for COVID to spread. After the Sadies Hawkins dance, there was a significant...

Ethnic Studies aims to express the unique thumbprint and experience in the U.S for minorities. Despite controversy and pushback against the class, the program is set to be implemented in schools across California throughout the 2029-30 school year.

California Controversy: CHS Students Divided on Ethnic Studies

Lucas Grannis, Reporter November 19, 2021

Gavin Newsom is well known for making history in California in his short time in office as California’s Governor. Late September, he did just that once more. Along with English, science, math and other...

The Teaching Fellowship: An Interview with a South African Educator

The Teaching Fellowship: An Interview with a South African Educator

Frida Garcia, Reporter November 19, 2021

The Teaching Fellowship program grants educators the opportunity to study in life-changing ways. A select few teachers receive personalized support from the program, cultivating their educator skill-sets...

The lovely Phospholipid “Larry” Bilayer-Mason eating an apple on his last day of life

Hamster for sale. Slightly used but greatly loved

Meghan Mason, Assistant Editor-In-Chief November 19, 2021

Tragically, the subject of this ad passed away prior to this issue’s publication. But as a memorial to its long and happy life the Wolfpacket has decided to run the ad in its honor. -Name: Phospholipid...

Castillo vs. Vaccinations

Cheng Han Li and Lorenzo Cano November 19, 2021

The CHS PE department has been without its only female teacher, Rosalinda Castillo, who was temporarily placed on unpaid leave a few weeks ago for going on a rant against vaccinations. The incident happened...

Image provided by Honey Bird


Carson Paul, Reporter October 29, 2021

A southern fried chicken and biscuit meal is nice at any time of day and on any day. Unfortunately, Claremont has not had the privilege of this fried chicken delicacy—until now. Honeybird is a new fried...

Courtesy of Xrstine Franco

Neon Moon Art Supply

Isabelle Shie, Reporter October 29, 2021

Bright bold colors and dashing pieces cover the walls of a vibrant little art store that has just opened in Claremont. The moment one walks in, they are greeted by this charming interior. Gadgets and trinkets...

The Local Pomona Fairplex Houses Unaccompanied Children

The Local Pomona Fairplex Houses Unaccompanied Children

Frida Garcia, Reporter October 29, 2021

Since May of 2021, the local Pomona Fairplex has been used as shelter for the thousands of children arriving unaccompanied at the US-Mexico border. This is not the first time the Fairplex has housed detainees;...

Photo courtesy of @NosyNeighborsCoffee Instagram

Nosy Neighbor

October 29, 2021

Everyone has a dream. The difference however, between Keith Strenger and “everyone else” is that Strenger managed to turn his into reality, a successful one at that. Three years ago, he opened Pepo...

The Guerilla War Against CHS’ Bathrooms

Ben Chapman and John Warren, Reporters October 29, 2021

It would be incredibly difficult not to be aware of the recent pandemonium that has swept across the bathrooms of American highschools, Claremont being no exception. Practically anything that can be stolen...

National forests temporarily close as fires in Southern California emerge

National forests temporarily close as fires in Southern California emerge

Anna Jiang, Reporter September 24, 2021

Throughout the past month, wildfires emerged from Glendora Ridge and Sunset Peak, two of the many trails that are located near Mt. Baldy, which wreaked danger for the hundreds of residents living near...

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