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The student news site of Claremont High School

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The student news site of Claremont High School

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A Mile Backwards: Mandatory PE

A Mile Backwards: Mandatory PE

Joy Cheng, Reporter March 29, 2024

Claremont High School has announced a significant change to its Physical Education (PE) requirements, impacting students in the graduating class of 2027 and beyond. When put into effect, students will...

Yolk vs White: Which is More Egg-cellent?

Yolk vs White: Which is More Egg-cellent?

Caroline Warren and Nina Wu March 29, 2024

Enter the wonderful world of egg-ercise. From the 15-minute HIIT workouts on YouTube to Planet Fitness regulars, there are lots of different “cultures'' hidden within this world. In fact, many eggs-perienced...

Image Courtesy of Teen Line

Mental Health Resources

Natalie DeWees, Reporter March 4, 2024

‘Don’t shoot the messenger.’ A familiar warning against fixating blame on the people who represent unpopular decisions instead of on those, perhaps policymakers, who are the reason behind it. There...

Art by Kayla Ranney

Tackling Performance Anxiety

Joy Cheng, Reporter March 4, 2024

Your heart races, your breath quickens; it feels like the world rests on your shoulders. The possibility of failure consumes you. Welcome to the reality of performance anxiety.  Performance anxiety...

Smokey Chair

Sitting is the New Smoking

Fiona Bulmer, Reporter March 4, 2024

   The average American adult spends 6.5-8 hours sitting per day. The average student spends 8-10 hours sitting per day. Whether someone is sitting behind a desk, behind a wheel, or even just in bed,...

Photo by Nina Wu via Canva

New Year, New Me, New Gym Membership

Nina Wu, Reporter February 9, 2024

Within the depths of New Year's resolutions, millions of people are swept into the “new year, new me, new gym membership” craze. Places like Planet Fitness see a sudden spike in memberships as newbie...

Against the Clock: The Struggle of Student-Athletes

Joy Cheng, Reporter November 17, 2023

Full school days, coupled with extensive hours of rigorous physical demanding practices, followed by mountainous amounts of homework-this is the reality for many stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked student...

Artist Natalia Escobar illustrates a captivating image of what many menstruating people experience— confusion, exasperation, and impassionment.

It’s that “time of the month:” not your period, just your time to talk about it

Casey Shoultz, Head Sports Editor May 6, 2022

“Hey, can you check me?” I watch as a girl in front of me asks her friend during a passing period. Her friend then nods, and as the girl walks away, they discreetly divert their eyes, trying to find...

Wellness: lets eat bacteria!

Wellness: let’s eat bacteria!

Frida Garcia, Reporter January 21, 2022

Four billion years ago, the Earth was on fire. A rich thermal landscape was erupting with geysers, and these bubbling beginnings formed one of the first lifeforms known to this universe- a simple fatty...

Meditation & Yoga On The Body

Meditation & Yoga On The Body

Frida Garcia, Reporter November 19, 2021

Meditation and yoga are widely renowned for their cerebral benefits, but these ancient practices positively impact the physical body as well. When the mind is calm, stability is welcomed into the body,...

An exploration of the relationship between mental health and sports

An exploration of the relationship between mental health and sports

Melina Tisopulos, Reporter April 19, 2021

The relationship between playing sports and physical health is cut and dry; those who play sports are, on the whole, healthier. However, the connection between athletes and mental health is far more obscure....

art | Galen Adolph

Wellness and the outdoors: spend some time with “yo’ mamma” Nature

Rowan Orlijan-Rhyne, Sports Editor March 22, 2021

After finishing their homework for the day, a student grabs a pair of shoes and steps outside to go for a walk. Perhaps it is the absence of their homework load, the exposure to the elements, or the perception...

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