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The student news site of Claremont High School

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The student news site of Claremont High School

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2022 Senior Box: Kathryn Enriquez

2022 Senior Box: Kathryn Enriquez

Kathryn Enriquez June 13, 2022

Position: Head Features Editor Years on Staff: 3 Off to: Johns Hopkins University Major: Biology Likes: spending time with my lovely people, taking photos, spontaneous trips, exploring new places,...

Image Courtesy of Lawson State Community College

Julia’s advice for graduating seniors

Julia Little, Guest Reporter June 13, 2022

Hi my name is Julia. I am a 7th grader at El Roble and I consider myself somebody who can give very, very good advice. So I decided to create this column for your reading pleasure. You are welcome. This...

2022 Senior Box: Jill Kao

2022 Senior Box: Jill Kao

Jill Kao, Head A&E Editor June 13, 2022

Hi, I’m Jill Kao and I’ve been a part of the Wolfpacket for the last four years. I started out as a reporter, then Features editor, and finally Arts and Entertainment Head Editor. I will be attending...

2022 Senior Box: David Begazo

2022 Senior Box: David Begazo

David Begazo, Co-Opinions Editor June 13, 2022

Hi! I’m David Begazo and in the past year, I was an Opinions Co-Editor for the Wolfpacket. From interviewing Batman to nearly getting my head cracked by a flying skater, I can clearly say that these...

Senior College List 2022

Senior College List 2022

Frida Garcia, Reporter/Editor June 13, 2022

*GRADUATING SENIORS PLEASE NOTE Not all graduating students will be featured on this page due to some students not responding to the senior survey. *SURVEY PARTICIPANTS PLEASE NOTE If surname was...

2022 Senior Box: Ady Bolinger

2022 Senior Box: Ady Bolinger

Ady Bolinger, Head News Editor June 13, 2022

Position: Head News Editor, I have been on the Wolfpacket for three years. Thank god I only had to deal with Lucas for one of those years! Off to: Colorado College Major: Classics, History, and Politics...

photo courtesy of Jenny & Vincent Tran


Lisa Yi, Reporter June 10, 2022

Q&A: 1. What made you choose to go to UCLA? 2. What major did you choose when you decided to apply to UCLA? 3. What are you most excited about going into college? 4. Are there any hobbies/things...

Clark climbs to Canada, trading Starbucks for Tim Hortons

Clark climbs to Canada, trading Starbucks for Tim Horton’s

Lucas Grannis, Reporter June 10, 2022

If you have not seen her with a Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino at least once, then you do not know Sequoia Clark. The drink is one that she has likely been acquainted with more times than...

Soccer superstars the Bonnett Twins kick their way to new heights in college

Anna Jiang, Reporter June 10, 2022

Going to college is a new and adventurous experience, especially in unfamiliar cities with unfamiliar faces. The feeling of being in a new environment can be stressful, and being miles away from friends...

photo courtesy of Bella Sanvictores

Reaching new heights: Sanvictores pole-vaults from land to sea

Mayo Ou, Assistant News Editor June 10, 2022

When one thinks of Hawaii, they might think of beaches, green mountains, palm trees, and surfing. They may think of it being the fiftieth state to join the United States, or of tiki statues and Hawaiian...

Clark in her Beavers softball uniform
Image courtesy of Maddy Clark

Maddie Clark Hits home run with softball scholarship

Carrie Anne Little, Editor June 10, 2022

Throughout her entire life, senior Maddy Clark has been playing softball. Since she was in middle school, Clark knew she wanted to play in college. Next year she will live her dream playing for the Oregon...

Photo courtesy of Liza Platonov

Platon-off and running to Middlebury College in the fall

Meghan Mason, Former Asst. Editor-in-Chief June 10, 2022

Picture this: A girl walks across Central Quad in an oversized dark blue crewneck with the words Middlebury College emblazoned across the front. Students’ heads turn in admiration as she walks briskly...

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