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Metroid Dread: the dreadful wait is over

John Warren, Reporter November 19, 2021

The Nintendo Switch has had many genre-defining games. From “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” with its expansive open world, to “Super Mario Odyssey,” with its intuitive controls. Now...

Serving free food serves another purpose

Mayo Ou, Reporter November 19, 2021

In the beginning of the year, and even now, posters and flyers are all over school advertising clubs. They encourage people to join, extolling their virtues and promoting their meetings. Some offer free...

Olive Zuker-Brunzell 
Art courtesy of Nathan Terrazas

From student to stardom: a spotlight on Olivia Zuker-Brunzell’s modeling career

Isha Raheja, Reporter November 19, 2021

If you've seen her face this past month in Times Square you know CHS junior Olivia Zuker-Brunzell is no stranger to the spotlight. From the age of 11 she’s experienced a blossoming modeling career with...

Art courtesy of Frida Garcia

The Turkey Under the Tree’s Shadow

Lisa Yi, Reporter November 19, 2021

Christmas, a holiday that many families in the United States celebrate, is arriving sooner than most students at CHS have anticipated. Even though the month of Thanksgiving, November, is still ongoing,...

Left-handed people are left out

Mayo Ou, Reporter October 29, 2021

If one looks around their classroom, they can usually see one or two people writing with their left hand. Those people are flipping their notebooks over, washing their hands, and searching valiantly through...

Spoiler alert: The Squid Game sensation sneaks into CHS

Lisa Yi and Isabelle Shie October 29, 2021

“Squid Game.” The new Korean drama that is currently trending on both TikTok and Netflix, has blown everyone into a frenzy. The complex plot, violent murders, and smokingly hot characters has everyone...

“2048?” More like 1984

Isha Raheja and Lorenzo Cano October 29, 2021

Picture this: you walk into a CHS classroom and every student has a district-issued iPad in front of them. Their minds are scrambled and they’re barely focusing on the lesson; all they know is swipe...

CHS choral program pre-pandemic (shown above) had 122 members across three choirs.

CHS choir hits a low note as participation declines

Carrie Anne Little, Reporter October 29, 2021

CHS’ various departments for the arts have been recognized for their excellence across the state. But this year all art-classes are facing a severe lack of participation, in particular, choir. Though...

5 Seconds of Summer lead singer Luke Hemmings debuts solo album and it’s “A Beautiful Dream”

5 Seconds of Summer lead singer Luke Hemmings debuts solo album and it’s “A Beautiful Dream”

Casey Shoultz, Head Sports Editor September 24, 2021

When looking at the music industry and the multitudes of bands and groups releasing music together, the interviews and pictures full of smiling faces and happy quotes about one another must seem like a...

Photo | Isha Raheja

The Benton is back: Featuring James Turrell Exhibit

Frida Garcia and Isha Raheja September 24, 2021

For years, the Benton Museum and James Turrell’s “Dividing the Light” exhibit have been staples in the Claremont community. Whether it be the Art Start program for CUSD elementary schoolers, a relaxing...

Image | Lisa Yi

Deep Down the K-pop Hole

Lisa Yi, Reporter September 24, 2021

South Korean pop music, also known as K-pop, is considered to be one of the most listened genres on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Originally starting in the 1990s, K-pop only became...

Taking control with Jack Warren: Balan Wonderworld

John Warren, Reporter September 24, 2021

3D platformers have dominated the video game market for a very long time. They started with “Super Mario 64” in 1996, but died down significantly around the seventh generation of consoles. So naturally,...

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