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The student news site of Claremont High School

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The student news site of Claremont High School

The Wolfpacket

The dreaded icon of the Star test lingers in every CUSD students memory. Photo courtesy of San Miguel Schools

The Star test is not a five-star experience

Mayo Ou, Head News Editor May 5, 2023

As soon as an English teacher says, “we’re going to be taking the Star test today,” everybody groans and resigns themselves to another boring day in class, set to take the same test they have taken...

Spanish program in need of ayuda

Utsav Gupta May 5, 2023

IB and AP students know the feeling well. It’s finals season and you’ve worked hard all year to maintain your grades. You did all the journals, solved all the equations, and wrote all the essays. It’s...

A heartfelt letter to the disgraced class of 2025: sit down, but stand up.

Lucas Grannis, Assistant Opinions Editor May 5, 2023

As points were totaled, there was an evident tie. An intense matchup with one more game would determine a winner – not just for the outcome of a measly night rally, but for the outcome of something much...

Official portrait of President Joe Biden, taken in the Library room at the White House in 2021. Him running for re-election means he could be running the country at age 86.

At age 79, Biden tested the boundaries of age in the White House. He failed.

Enya Wang, Reporter May 5, 2023

Dear President Biden, please don’t run for reelection. Running a country is quite a feat and forgetting your train of thought mid-sentence only adds to the challenge. From his garbled definition of...

We need economics class earlier

Rhea Sethi, Reporter March 31, 2023

It goes without saying that teenagers can be a little stupid. Why wouldn’t they be? As teens break out of the bubble of childhood and start to adapt to the real adult world around them, some missteps...

The Government is Failing Us: School Shootings Must End

Rhea Sethi, Reporter March 31, 2023

The students of Claremont High School have always been afraid. They are afraid of responsibility, vulnerability, and commitment— all normal teenage worries that everyone experiences as they try to figure...

The signs are a-changing! Wait... not for Tropical Lei. Be more creative, at the very least.

“A hard conversation”: a letter to Tropical Lei

Carrie Anne Little, Assistant News Editor March 31, 2023

Dear Tropical Lei, I am writing to you in regards to your marque. For years, pre-pandemic, it has been a source of amusement and an educational tool for many new readers driving along Foothill blvd. between...

America needs more walkable cities

Lorenzo Cano, Reporter March 31, 2023

Many Americans are dependent on automobiles for transportation. This is a tired system that stresses those who cannot afford a car, forcing them to turn to our widely underdeveloped and underfunded public...

Teachers, don’t fear ChatGPT. Learn to teach with it.

Lucas Grannis, Opinions Editor March 31, 2023

When ChatGPT was first launched on a late November day this past year, millions of people from different parts of the country speculated that their lives would be changed forever; people seemed to think...

End Overdose: Naloxone should be over-the-counter

Kat Griswold , Reporter March 3, 2023

2022 saw the deaths of over one hundred thousand people due to opioid overdose, slightly surpassing the previous year. It is not controversial to say that the opioid crisis is an appalling part of the...

End Homeroom Raffles

End Homeroom Raffles

Areesh Zaidi, Reporter March 3, 2023

Homeroom has become a regular part of Claremont High School’s schedule this year and has received a diversity of responses from staff and students. One of the largest parts of homeroom’s curriculum...

LA County’s response to the Fentanyl crisis is a disgrace

Odelia Hahn, Reporter March 3, 2023

You may remember when the news articles about fentanyl started pouring in. The media had preached continually about the dangers and harms of the drug. Then, recently, there were mentions about the newly...

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