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Carrie Anne Little

Carrie Anne Little, Reporter

Carrie Anne Little, is a Sophomore at CHS and is new to the WOLFPACKET staff as a reporter. This year, she has made the possible fatale decision to take seven classes, wanting to participate in two electives, WOLFPACKET and Chora Nova. This decision has so far only increased the size of the black hole that is everything related to school, but for her it is worth it, as she is finding herself very academically engaged and enjoying the time she spends in her various classes. Her current mode of transportation is her father’s old road bike, though it varies depending on it’s various state of function. Outside of school, Carrie loves to cook dinner for her family and walk home with her friends, and is currently trying to find the best way to fit in time for bingeing her favorite shows as her free time slowly, increasingly threatened by homework and due dates.

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Carrie Anne Little