Wren soars to NYU

The Big Apple, New York City is full of opportunity and wonder, and Claremont’s very own Jojo Wren is there to experience it all.
Wren’s college acceptances presented her with a challenge at first. She needed to choose between two esteemed institutions, UCLA and NYU. In the end, her future plans solved the difficult process of selecting between them.
“My major at UCLA would not further my art career which I was most interested in,” said Wren.
Wren believes that the unique opportunities presented to her in New York gave it a competitive edge over UCLA.
Wren’s major is Collaborative Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she can be expected to work hands-on in many artistic venues and disciplines. Wren looked extensively through the NYU course catalog in arts specifically and was enticed by the newly founded major.
“[The major] seemed to be in support of innovation and creating new things for the future rather than studying a repeated practice, which intrigued me,” said Wren.
Wren’s interests do not end at just the arts, she is also very passionate about environmental studies, so much so that she is hoping to double major in both. She hopes to be able to use these two worlds and look into landscape architecture or some sort of installation.
Claremont High School’s school spirit and IB program rank as some of the aspects that Wren will miss the most. As for IB, she regards it as critical for her development throughout high school, citing its usefulness in meeting new friends and gaining new experiences that helped to prepare her for the future. Wren’s time in the IB program has helped her develop a stronger bond with the academic side of school, and she is looking forward to the educational side of NYU the most.
“I am most excited about my actual classes — I have never had a solely arts-based education,” said Wren.
As Wren soars into her future she hopes to bring Claremont’s cheer to the big city and create artistic marvels with her unique NYU experience!