Maya Salgado Exploring Abroad


Image courtesy of Maya Salgado

For the three and a half years that Maya Salgado has been at CHS, she has learned to love it and grow as an individual. But with the time spent here, she has moved on and is ready to explore the world around her. Since graduating from Claremont High in January, she has been a student at San Antonio High School (SAHS). Not only did she graduate early, Salgado thinks of going abroad in the coming fall semester.
“I know I want to get out of the country.” Salgado said, “I wasn’t going to waste my time doing Citrus, if I’m going to go out of the country.”
While going out of the country, Salgado strives to feed her curiosity about history, especially women’s history, and her love of working with children and people. She also really loves activities that allow her to be creative.
“Anything that makes me feel happy, makes an impact.” Salgado said, “I also really like creativity, like makeup or fashion.”
Salgado has dedicated time and effort to completing many of her goals.
“My main goal is to provide for myself financially.” Salgado said, “And be able to be happy with who I am and be my own best friend.”
In the short time that Salgado was at CHS, she described that her favorite memory was being able to creatively express herself in her way.
“My favorite thing was putting on a new outfit every day with my makeup.” Salgado said, “Feeling good about myself and feeling that I was the best dressed in the classroom.”
Salgado has come a long way and has some advice she would like to tell to all CHS students.
“Pay attention to who you’re friends with and who you keep around you.” Salgado said, “[They] have a big impact on how people view you and who you are as a person. If you allow a person to act a certain way around you, it’s a huge reflection on your character. So be careful who you’re friends with, and don’t get caught up on school work because it’s not as big of a deal as you think.”