Andrew says au revoir, adios, and auf wiedersehen to CHS

Senior Andrew Norum is headed across the globe to the Brussels School of Governance in Brussels, Belgium to major in international law. Since the start of high school Norum has been interested in learning languages. During his time at CHS Norum learned all three languages offered, German, French, and Spanish. On top of learning all these languages, he was also able to graduate early in the fall semester of this school year. Immersing himself in all the different languages and cultures over the years has helped Norum to choose a college outside of the country. Studying abroad will hold many new and exciting opportunities for Andrew.
“I am excited to meet new people and explore new things that are a lot different than what you can do here just in Claremont,” Norum said.
This summer he will utilize his German skills when he leaves to go to Germany for two weeks with the CHS German Exchange Program. But Norum believes that out of the three programs, he is most involved with the Spanish Honors Society, as he founded the club during his sophomore year and is the current president, which made one of his fondest memories from CHS the Días de los Muertos event. Norum put in lots of time and dedication to each event to make the best experience for all the members.
“We were working for basically 14 hours to do the event all the way from 7 am to 9 pm”.
Before Norum can officially prepare to take off for Belgium, he wants to shout out his Spanish teachers Maestra Suarez and Viera, and his two sisters Vivian and Maxine. Also, he is leaving behind some advice to the incoming freshmen of CHS.
“Don’t take on too many things in the beginning, because you think you can do everything but you can’t,” Norum said. “Just because you are not doing all those things at the moment does not mean you are missing out.”