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Artificial intelligence will revolutionize sports

Tavish N. Brodie, Reporter November 17, 2023

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been revolutionary. The infinite uses of AI include writing, virtual assistants, online networking, and in sports entertainment. Although sports are very physical, online...

Homecoming Court: Olivia Delgado

Homecoming Court: Olivia Delgado

Carrie Anne Little, Editor-In-Chief October 13, 2023

Incredibly humble, drop dead gorgeous homecoming court member Olivia Delgado, is excited to be recognized for all of her majesticness as she graces the halls of court members past present and future. Honored...

Homecoming Candidate: Yulianna Arzate

Homecoming Candidate: Yulianna Arzate

Oliver Carrero, Reporter October 13, 2023

From being involved in ASB and Interact since she was a freshman to joining Key Club this year, Yulianna Arzate, a senior at Claremont, was bound to be nominated for homecoming court. Arzate loves to aid...

Noland to Navigate New York City

Natalie DeWees, Reporter June 9, 2023

With her friends by her side, Ava Noland opens up a letter from New York University that will notify her whether she’s been accepted to the prestigious college. Despite being at school, she screams...

Image courtesy of Maya Salgado

Maya Salgado Exploring Abroad

Odelia Hahn, Reporter June 9, 2023

For the three and a half years that Maya Salgado has been at CHS, she has learned to love it and grow as an individual. But with the time spent here, she has moved on and is ready to explore the world...

Image courtesy of Eden Hankins

Hankins called up to the stage

Izzy Thomas, Editor June 9, 2023

Picture this: a tiny welcoming collection of cottage esk homes made of old brick and covered with ivy. Scattered between these homey buildings you can find a small gazebo, a beaten dirt path, and a mini...

Andrew says au revoir, adios, and auf wiedersehen to CHS

Kate Mitchell, Reporter June 9, 2023

Senior Andrew Norum is headed across the globe to the Brussels School of Governance in Brussels, Belgium to major in international law. Since the start of high school Norum has been interested in learning...

Sinksy sets forth to Portland

Kat Griswold, Reporter June 9, 2023

Life tends to present its best opportunities when one least expects them. Audrey Sinsky, after initially being waitlisted, knows this all too well. Sinsky was initially waitlisted from five schools and...

image courtesy of Megan Peng

Peng(uin) flocks to UCSB

Lisa Yi, Editor June 9, 2023

Ever since she was young, Megan Peng knew that she wanted to study the intricacies within the STEM field when she grew up. Although Peng did not know what exactly she wanted to do back then, she now knows...

A big leap: Murphy jigs her way to Ireland

A big leap: Murphy jigs her way to Ireland

Izzy Thomas, Assistant Editor-In-Chief June 9, 2023

The transition from high school to college is already a giant leap — whether it means moving a town over, a state over, or in CHS senior Erin Murphy’s case, a couple of countries over. In preparation...

To All the Places You’ll Gogh — Senior College List 2023

To All the Places You’ll Gogh — Senior College List 2023

June 9, 2023

The page design is by Anna Jiang and Naisaa Khedia, Head and Assistant Features Editors. Click the link below for a full media file! All the Places You’ll Gogh

2023 Senior Poem

Isha Raheja and Melina Tisopulos June 9, 2023

Calla Lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums oh my! Class of 2023 we hate to say goodbye Our time at CHS really did fly But don’t shed a tear or even cry For our futures are bright and beautiful as Versailles As...

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