2023 Senior Poem

Calla Lilies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums oh my!
Class of 2023 we hate to say goodbye
Our time at CHS really did fly
But don’t shed a tear or even cry
For our futures are bright and beautiful as Versailles
As Vincent Van Gogh once said “Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high.
Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”

Congratulations to all, whether staying near or going far
We congratulate you for raising the bar

Lorenzo, Kat, and Grace will dominate at SLO
While at Occidental Keough, Alvarez, and Chung will flourish and grow
Cal won’t be without its pals with Tisopulos, Hunter, and Armstrong on the prowl
To UCLA Alkhouri and Chang will say hey
While at Citrus College many Claremont grads will slay

Don’t think we don’t see the other UCs
At San Diego Zhen, Emadi, and Wahlburg will frolic by the sea
UCI will help Tiffany and Claire prosper
While at Riverside Keaton, Thomas, and Avery will have knowledge fostered

San Jose State is lucky to get Glaspy’s cheer
While Tharpe, Budner, and Guo head all the way to Boston with no fear

At Chapman Castillo will destroy at polo
And at Pepperdine Katie will still live by yolo

To all the grads, whoever you may be, just know these two Wolfpacket EICs have been nothing but pleased and grateful to have had the opportunity to fill your journalistic needs

Shoutout to all who didn’t throw our paper in the trash
We hope that your future is nothing short of a bash!