Homecoming Prince: Mercer Weis

It would be incredibly difficult to find a student at Claremont High School who doesn’t know who Mercer Weis is. Weis’ role as one of two head reporters has become an unforgettable staple of everyone’s fourth period at CHS. However, there is much more to Mercer Weis beyond his role on the Wolfcast.

Weis is a passionate advocate for the environment. Whether it’s his expository speeches for speech and debate or his Voice for Change club, Weis is always advocating and taking action to help protect the environment.

“In the future, always make sure you prioritize the environment and care for the environment because for us to even be alive, we need to keep the environment healthy,” Weis said.
Alongside his environmentalism and role as a head reporter of Wolfcast, Weis has been competing with both CHS’ swim team and speech and debate team for years. Weis extends his thanks to his teammates as well as everyone that voted for him.

“I just would like to thank everyone that voted for me, I really appreciate your vote,” Weis said.
Weis is excited to be on the court alongside many of his friends. He would be happy to win, but he is also confident that no matter the outcome, whoever wins will deserve it.
“It’s really great to be with all the people I talk to every day on homecoming court. At the end of the day, we’re all going to have a great time at homecoming and I don’t know what to expect, but I’m pretty excited about it,” Weis said.