photo courtesy of Jenny & Vincent Tran


1. What made you choose to go to UCLA?
2. What major did you choose when you decided to apply to UCLA?
3. What are you most excited about going into college?
4. Are there any hobbies/things that you like to do in your free time that you would like to explore in UCLA?
5. Do you plan to continue any sport or instrument in college?
6. Is there anything you want to say to your underclassmen? (encouragement, advice, etc.)

1. The location, affordability, academic opportunity (challenging and offers strong programs for premedical students), prestige, and food!
2. I applied for biochemistry as a major to help prepare for medical school.
3. Gain more discipline, have fun, gain more opportunities, and meet new people.

4. I am definitely interested in the clubs that UCLA has to offer and their gyms.
5. No, I do not.
6. Don’t stress too much. Maintain good grades but don’t sacrifice your entire social life. Sleep whenever you can and stay healthy.

1. I attended a SEA admit weekend event and it was so much fun. I met with both current students and fellow admits and I loved the tight-knit community of students. I felt drawn to the academic and research opportunities offered at UCLA. The campus is also not too far from home! I would say that I like the variety of clubs and activities. And like I mentioned before, I love the supportive student body. The campus is pretty as well!
2. I applied as a biochemistry major, but I’m excited to take different classes and I’m open to exploring new fields of study!
3. Dorming! I’m excited to learn to live on my own, meet new people and try new things.
4. Not in particular but I’m interested in culture and career/major-related clubs.
5. No.
6. Have faith in yourself! Give yourself the same kindness, compassion, time, and space you would give to others. Try your best, make the most out of your time in HS, and don’t forget to have fun! Enjoy every moment because time flies.

1. Obviously, I got in and the opportunity to go definitely made me choose UCLA. I think it is a good distance from my house and I am very excited to be out on my own. UCLA also allows me to be close enough to family to see them when I want to. Also, I really like the vibe of a big school and am looking forward to exploring life and doing many more things. UCLA comes with a lot of options and I won’t feel like I’m put in a box. If there is anything I want to do, there will be an optin to do it.
2. I put environmental science as my major. However, I don’t exactly know what I want to do so I’m not sure if it will stay as my major or not. I’m interested in science and thought that could be something that I could pursue as my career. I want to experience classes there and see what I am actually passionate about before I have concrete input.
3. Meet new people, become independent, feeling confident doing a lot of things that I enjoy. But I’m most excited to meet a lot of cool people and have fun.
4. I have played softball my whole life since I was eight, but I won’t be playing in division 1. I’ll do an intramural softball league and take a step back from softball.
5. I would like to go on hikes or to any sort of shows, theaters, comedy shows, musicals. I love doing things like that, especially if I am familiar with the people in the shows. I like writing, so I will definitely want to continue that somehow.
6. Everyone is going to say this, but you should try things and it doesn’t matter if you’re bad at them. I wish I tried more stuff in high school. It is always worth trying things and you usually won’t regret giving things a shot.

photo courtesy of Meghan Mason

1. UCLA has always been my dream school since both my parents went there, so I knew once I got in that I would go. It’s also not too far from home but not too close. I love UCLA’s beautiful campus and its location in Westwood where there’s always something to do. I also love the big campus atmosphere because there’s such a huge variety of people there, and I feel like I’ll be able to meet people who share the same interests as me.
2. I put my major as biology on my application, but I am thinking of switching to computational and systems biology.
3. I’m most excited about meeting new people and getting more freedom. I’m also looking forward to having a flexible schedule and not having classes at 8am.
4. I’m interested in joining volunteer organizations at UCLA, as I am really passionate about volunteering and have been an active volunteer all throughout high school. I also really want to explore LA and see what it has to offer because despite living so close, I feel like I still haven’t experienced the city.
5. I played tennis here at CHS, so I’m hoping to maybe join the intramural team at UCLA or just play for fun.
6. I would say just live in the moment and enjoy high school. Just remember to take a step back once in a while and soak it all in.

photo courtesy of Alyssa Miao

1. I really like the atmosphere and it’s not too far from home. But at the same time it’s not too close so I just thought it was the perfect place. The food is number 1 dinning out of all the colleges, so I am very excited to try all the food.
2. I am majoring in neuroscience with a pre-med track.
3. I am most excited for being on my own, trying new things, and just meeting new people.
4. I really love playing piano and I hope to continue that in college. I will start doing more work in hospitals and volunteering. For sports, I just might do something intramural, not Division 1. But for fun mostly.
5. I really love football and basketball and since UCLA has good teams, I am excited to go to the school games. UCLA has a perfect balance between social life as well as a rigorous program.
6. I’d just say a lot of people don’t really know what they’re going to major in, and that’s fine. Just apply for the major that you have extracurriculars in to support. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you go and everything ends up working out.

photo courtesy of Laila Alkhouri