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Photo courtesy of Paige Morales

Freshman Paige Morales Saves Drowning Stranger

Isabelle Shie, Reporter December 18, 2021

Two flapping flippers in the ocean are spotted, clearly in distress. A figure in the waves ditched her buoyancy control system and struggled to stay above the water. Unable to release herself from the...

Cahuilla Park after the turf reduction project.

Keen to go green: Claremont stops talking trash and starts talking compost & water

Mayo Ou and John Warren December 18, 2021

In wake of climate change, with food piling up in landfills and droughts descending across the land, the City of Claremont has put into place new measures to be more sustainable. Measures for saving...

Denise Chen: December Athlete of the Month

Denise Chen: December Athlete of the Month

Isabelle Shie, Reporter December 18, 2021

Denise Chen is a star cross-country runner, breaking school records as a sophomore, and she ends this cross-country season with a bang. With a stellar performance at the CIF state meet, placing 8th, Chen...

Teacher Talk: Interviewing Parent Teachers

Teacher Talk: Interviewing Parent Teachers

Isha Raheja, Reporter December 17, 2021

Ryan Easton: Question: Do you feel like teaching young people prepared you more for fatherhood? Answer: Definitely. It made me more patient, like I understand if I give a bunch of directions to you guys...

Image provided by Carson Paul

The discrimination that is attributed to vaccination restrictions

Carson Paul, Reporter December 17, 2021

It began with George Washington in 1777. During the Revolutionary War, smallpox was the biggest threat to the Continental Army, inflicting far more damage on the troops than combat itself. While 18th-century...

Your Mom: never going out of style with me...or your dad

Your Mom: never going out of style with me…or your dad

Carrie Anne Little, Reporter December 17, 2021

Urban Dictionary: “The most versatile diss/comeback ever created in the history of your mom. Usually it has no effect or sense (especially when used in response to your mom or when you're talking to...

Art curtesy of Victor Alvarez

Varsity Football Team Makes it to CIF Semi-finals after 20 years

Anna Jiang, Reporter December 17, 2021

The last time CHS ever went to CIF semi-finals as a football team was 20 years ago, 2001. However, for the first time in 20 years, CHS football made it to the CIF semi-finals with a winning record. The...

Reviewing Starbucks Holiday Drinks: Naughty or Nice?

Lucas Grannis, Reporter December 17, 2021

The day that Starbucks holiday drinks become available might as well be a national holiday. For many, the iconic red holiday cup and feeling of that first sip is the official way to kick off the holiday...

The Answer to a Post-Fossil Fuels World is Nuclear Energy

Lucas Grannis, Reporter December 17, 2021

The recent climate summit at Glasgow has echoed the obvious: most intelligent people acknowledge the existence of climate change and that countries need to slowly transition away from fossil fuels. The...

From Indians to Guardians: an investigation of sports team name changes

From Indians to Guardians: an investigation of sports team name changes

Isha Raheja and Frida Garcia December 17, 2021

Within the past decade, the rise of cancel culture has created waves of both negative and positive change. It has been beneficial in reducing the toxic effects of ignorance by holding figures accountable...

The Wolfpackets 2022 Predictions

The Wolfpacket’s 2022 Predictions

Carrie Anne Little and John (Jack) Warren December 17, 2021

*Some of these predictions have an actual chance of happening, and others were made by Jack January 12, 2022: The end of the world A nuclear missile overseer (the person in charge of pressing the...

It’s all downhill from here: A night with BTS

Meghan Mason and Liza Platonov December 17, 2021

After two years of quarantine, the magic that occurred at SoFi Stadium on November 27th seemed almost impossible: Tens of thousands of fans from every culture and continent gathered together in Los Angeles...

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