140 reasons to go to prom

5. Pictures! Getting photos in your fancy outfit will make it a night to remember.
10. The High School Experience! This is a night you will never forget, and something you’ll tell your grandkids about. Make sure you don’t end up as the forgotten old lonely person.
15. It’s a way to celebrate the end of the year.
20. Hanging out with your friends and having a good time
25. You get to make fun of all the losers who asked freshmen to go to prom with them…
27. Special romantic slow dance songs — for the people with a date it can be pretty romantic.
30. Your parents might chaperone you — who doesn’t want their parents to see their kid have their possible first kiss?
35. Who doesn’t love dress shopping for 8 hours in a loud, covid filled, maskless mall
40. Are you still looking for that giant punch bowl that you always see in movies? Me too.
45. Unleash those killer dance moves, we know you’ve been waiting your whole life to finally show the world your Fortnite dances.
47. The Wolfpacket staff will be looking extremely hot
50. Lucas Grannis definitely won’t be there
55. Lock eyes with your lover and ponder if you should suggest to them a skin care routine
60. Don’t know how to dance? Don’t worry, just do the default and jump up and down!
65. Did you find the punch bowl yet?
69. if you’re lucky…
70. Maybe there will be another Playboi Carti concert!
75. You can use fancy makeup and make your lips shine as bright as Tom Holland’s
80. Girls will take off their heels to dance
85. Raw feet
90. Raw feet
100. Indoor spaces plus poor ventilation, nothing beats the crisp smell of B.O. and bad breath
105. Look into the eyes of the boy you started dating a month ago and wonder if you’re only with him for a prom date
110. You can decide you’re only using him for prom, and finally achieve sigma status.
115. Once there, ditch that date, and have the time of your life.
120. Anyways, that’s how MYP will affect students— oh. Sorry, wrong article.
125. Mr. Glavin will be there! And more importantly, the famous Mrs. Glavin
130. You can drop almost $100 which will definitely not be given to the ASB patriarchy, who will use it to rig elections
135. You can throw a drink at the boy who broke your heart sophomore year, and scream a Taylor Swift song to prove you’re “never ever getting back together”…….unless he wants to….(ditch his date for you…)
140. Your math teacher gets to watch your classmates “act like coffee beans”