Steer clear Roadrunners, Mountain View’s Mustangs cannot be beat


Photo Courtesy of Carson Paul

At CHS, the Mustangs are a rare breed in a school dominated by soaring condors, speeding road runners, owls up high, and hundreds of leaves falling from the trees. Although the Mustangs have a herd lacking in numbers, we trump in spirit, fraternity, and friendship. This is because where others grew up in the best schools of status, we Mustangs grew together through hardship as a family.
Hello, I’m Carson Paul and I write this to show that we from unpopular schools are honestly the best. I have three reasons for why this is: community, diversity, and strength. When asking Chaparralians if they know kids from their own elementary school the answer is usually a no, not really. Mountain View children, however, know all students at CHS from Mountain View. This is because of how close we all were. With small class sizes and not enough to do at recess, we had nothing but to create a strong community throughout our elementary school years.
Then again Mountain View has always been fond of schools in their area, specifically Oakmont and Vista. On behalf of all Mustangs, I’d like to give best regards to Vista, Oakmont, and Sumner, we feel your pain where popular schools hold superiority. Popular schools like Chaparral, Sycamore, and Condit are all so caught up in being the best in academics, sports, and arts that they forget what elementary is truly about, friendship. By doing this they alienate themselves.
Onto the second point of diversity. While schools like Chaparral and Condit have always been regarded as the schools that produce the smartest children, one subject where they fall behind is in language. Over the years, Mountain View has established programs to become more inclusive of different cultures. The biggest one being their Spanish bilingual curriculum.
The last point being strength, as mustangs are the strongest mascot out of all other elementary mascots. We can come to this conclusion by going through each other puny mascot. First Sycamore, Oakmont, and Chaparral really no words have to be said because they are literally too small to actually hurt a mustang. The Condit Condors and Vista Vikings are actually quite cool and interesting as well, but unfortunately society can’t say the same since they are so very close to extinction or all dead sooooooooooooooooooooooo sucks to suck.
Now finally onto our main enemies, which include Chaparral, Condit, and Sycamore. To Condit or the Condit Condorks, we Mustangs have one thing to say, if you wanna send us enough money for computers or something please do, if not we get it your richy rich. To Chaparral I like a lot of you guys. I’m friends with some of you but you’re not that cool. No one cares that you have the biggest population at CHS, no one cares at all about your Chaparral traditions. Chaparral and Condit y’all better be thankful because you know what, it’s time you learn not everyone has 2 camps, most of us don’t get your frickin Astro Camp or whatever. Then finally to Sycamore you guys are such hippies.
When looking at the high and mighty CHS, where popular schools hold superiority perhaps things are coming to change. Mountain View enrollment has been going up since the Spanish curriculum was introduced. Civil movements were made as well with Ian Ho being the first class president from Mountain View seen in a long time. Hopefully popular schools will come down their high horse and accept but also recognize the Mustangs as the horse behind all at CHS.