CHS’s Wacky, Wild, and Worst Pet Competetion


ARCHIBALD (b. 2019)
Isha Raheja’s cocky chicken
My chicken should win the worst pet. She is very mean and has an affinity for pecking the back of people’s legs until they give her food. She even destroyed one of my sister’s favorite pairs of shorts from pecking until they ripped. Not to mention her aggression towards the other chickens. She also pecks the smaller chickens out of meanness. When it rains her hair gets floppy which is actually quite cute but she smells awful and defecates an insane amount. Overall, her bad behavior and qualities qualify her for CHS worst pet.

HORSE (b. unknown)
???’s mysterious mare
This horse lives in the Claremont Marshall Canyon stables. Marshall Canyon is the ultimate horse haven, where visitors can come and ride the pet horses. They are well groomed and fed under the California sunshine. This paradise is disrupted by the stench of horse feces emulating from this mysterious mare. Who she is, where she’s from, her owner, it all remains an enigma to the Wolfpacket staff. But one thing is for sure, she deserves to win CHS’s worst pet. Despite being

LITTLE SQUIRREL (b. unknown)
Meghan Mason’s sassy squirrel
To start off, my squirrel is not technically a pet, which is why he qualifies for CHS worst pet. He started off his life by falling out of a tree and getting abandoned by his mother. So let’s just say he has some issues. He lives on his own in the trees but he refuses to find his own nuts. Instead he relies on my family to constantly give him a stockpile, and recently he’s gotten picky. He only likes walnuts and fresh strawberries. Also, we think he might have gotten another squirrel pregnant. But is he mature enough to be a squirrel dad?

EWOK (b. 2007)
Frida Garcia’s devious dog
Ewok is the rat king. In my household Ewok is known as the “rat king” because of his long snout and rickety legs. When he stretches them out they look like chicken drumsticks. He has arthritis. Ewok should win the ugly pet contest because he is the craziest little dog with the mind of a human. He lived for 8 years on the streets of Minneapolis. He ate only ice and rocks and had to get over 20 teeth removed. Sometimes the wild side overcomes him and he runs away. But at heart he is an old wise man who loves peanut butter and sunshine. Rat king for life.

MAX (b. 2014)
Angelina Alkhouri’s dramatic dog
My dog Max should win worst pet because he always runs away (he comes back eventually) and is always on furniture. We’ve had him for 8 years, and almost every corner of my house is filled with his thick, long hair. He is also extremely picky and doesn’t eat his kibble unless we put our dinner on top. His breath always stinks and puts up a big fight whenever I try to brush it.

SHREDDER (b. 2007)
Bridget Brodie’s difficult desert tortoise
My mom rescued Shredder from a friend who found him wandering a street, which is the first bad thing: he probably ran away from home. Shredder gets sick a lot, because he’s very bad at hibernating. How can a tortoise be bad at that?? If this guy was in the wild, natural selection would have taken him a long time ago. Shredder therefore needs a custom cardboard box with a heat lamp and fresh bedding. When he’s not hibernating, he’s in a different house we made for him outside in the yard. Shredder will only eat fine foods such as vegetable platters, hibiscus flowers, and superfoods like kale. He eats better than most Instagram influencers in terms of greens. This tortoise lives quite the demanding lifestyle.