Detrimental? I think yes

iPads, one of the multiple sources of technology used in our daily lives, have taken up most of our class times in Claremont High School. From classes ranging from art to calculus, iPads are being used in almost every classroom on campus. While it may feel like a normal addition to the school day, the implications can be scary considering the fact that technology is taking over our lives in such a subtle way. The use of iPads took off during online school, where it was impossible to take in-person classes, and technology was the only way teachers could connect with their students. But since Covid-19 has died down and in-person classes have resumed, why is CHS still using iPads? And since iPads are now essential for classwork and for taking quizzes/exams, what consequences do students’ face if they forget to bring their ipad or leave it uncharged the night before?
At first, adjusting to technology proved to be difficult because many students were unfamiliar with the usage of Canvas and other apps. But now, we are so used to using technology at home that requiring iPads at school can be detrimental to students. This is because so many teachers solely rely on technology to teach their lessons and do not consider the consequences of an iPad being dead or not brought to school. Without an iPad being ready at hand, some students do not have the access to the material that the teacher is presenting, and therefore missing the notes or the videos for the unit. Even if students cannot use their ipads, their phones would be the last resort that they go to, and that option is also limited.
Most students suspect that the school might have placed hotspot restrictions around the classrooms, and some classroom locations do not have service at all to the point that even iPads do not have internet access.
Although the use of iPads have been proven quite difficult for some students that are unprepared, the school still should offer alternative resources that might help fix the issue at hand. For example, the school could provide a charging cart for most of the classrooms for the ipads for students at the end of the day, where students can leave their ipads in their first class of the day and come pick up their ipad when their school starts. The school has offered some sort of support for this issue by allowing students to trade in their uncharged ipads for the day, but because of new ipads, the student may struggle to get in their canvas and therefore creating even more problems that no one wants to deal with. Nevertheless, the use of technology cannot be prevented and the iPads taking over was something that was inevitable as times moved on.