Why the fire alarms need to go

Have you ever experienced the feeling of waking up in the morning to the loudest and annoying alarm? The kind that just makes you want to scream and rip off your ears and hair? That is exactly the same feeling of hearing a fire alarm every single week in your first, second, and third periods.

Over the last month at CHS, fire alarms have been going off in all of the morning periods and it usually lasts for a solid five minutes. However, the alarm itself is not the most annoying thing about the situation. Instead, the very delayed announcement on the loudspeaker announcing it as a false alarm is what really pushes students over the edge.

Students and teachers are sick of the fire alarm going off as it disrupts some class time; however, it can be beneficial. Because who wants to take a quiz or test in the morning? The answer is: no one. The fire alarm going off is a lifesaver to stressed kids who stayed up all night, studying for that quiz/test. Whether the fire alarm gives students a pounding headache or 10 extra minutes of precious studying time, it is proving to be a greatly unnecessary campus feature. So there is an even better solution: what if we removed the alarm entirely?

Is there even a need for this useless red box that says fire alarm? At this point it seems like it has no purpose whatsoever. I decided to ask someone who has experienced the terrible noise of the fire alarm. The person I asked was Jerome, the Wolfpacket gorilla mascot.

“Absolutely terrible,” Jerome ooohah said. “That is all I can say, that noise is so terrible that I could not finish my banana bug breakfast. Every second I wondered if the staff knew how the f*&#$ to turn off a fire alarm. Them not turning it off for five minutes was not even my biggest problem. My BIGGEST problem was their announcement. I was so enraged that I had to monkeywalk out of the room.”

Jerome has suffered the horrible wrath of the fire alarm and unfortunately now he is reconsidering being the Wolfpacket mascot after the two weeks of hearing the fire alarm. It is very clear that the fire alarms are harmful to not only the students but to even the glorious Wolfpacket mascot. His verdict was to entirely remove the fire alarms to let his hairy ears recover.

“It’s got to go, that is the only way I will stay,” Jerome said. “It’s me or the fire alarm. You cannot have both. I mean, come on! You can’t really say you would not choose me after experiencing it. Replace it with a smoke alarm. It’s wayyy more effective than that piece of s@%$.”

I definitely agree with Jerome on the removal of the fire alarm to finally bring peace. It is an ineffective box just placed there and being mounted on the wall. The constant noise has proven that any potential protection is outweighed by the excruciating screeching sound. The fire alarm has to go!