When you Cross Wikipedia with Low IQ

Where do you search if you are stuck on a word that you do not know the meaning of? No, it is not the Google search bar, nor is it Dictoinary.com. Look no further than the evolutionary website named Urban Dictionary, where borderline insanity and complex human logic co-exist together on the face of Earth. The sole purpose of Urban Dictionary was to educate humans with vocabulary terms, but the website soon turned into a menace roasting section that almost resembled the comments section in James Charles’s YouTube videos. I have interviewed several CHS students in hopes that their opinions are representative of what the school as a whole thinks about Urban Dictionary. These students are Coco Fan (Sophomore), Matthew Nguyen (Sophomore), Marcus Ho (Junior), Abdul Alktaifi (Sophomore), and Taeyoon (Sophomore).

What is your opinion regarding Urban Dictionary?
Marcus: I think it’s pretty funny. It’s useful to know internet lingo, but I wouldn’t like to actually use it for educational purposes.
Abdul: It’s funny of course, but definitely weird as hell. It kind of shows how much free time people are wasting. It’s good for clown purposes, but ok for educational purposes. There are definitely better dictionaries for educational purposes.
Coco: Personally, I think Urban Dictionary is a great place to go whenever you’re unsure of some internet slang or memes. They have many frank answers/definitions to the words you search up and it’s a great place to go for a good laugh. Because of that, there is little to no educational value of Urban dictionary, as basically anyone can type up a definition for a word.
Taeyoon: It’s uh.. pretty racist.
Matthew: I think Urban dictionary can be used both for educational and clowning purposes. Although there isn’t as much beneficial information in the dictionary, it could still be beneficial in other ways such as gen-z slang. ? It’s just good in general if you’re feeling down. Search up a friend’s name and watch their name get clowned on. ??

Why would you use Urban Dictionary?
Marcus: Because it’s the most credible source for finding definitions, obviously. ?
Abdul: It would be for fun.
Taeyoon: Why would you use it????
Coco: Why wouldn’t you??
Matthew: Bro I just clown.. But like I said before, sometimes I would use it to cheer myself up and people around me if they ever feel down.

What is the most funny thing you have seen/searched on Urban dictionary?
Marcus: Either Chewbacca or lawnmower.
Abdul: My own name is getting pretty screwed over so…probably that yeah.
Coco: Fart whispering.
Taeyoon: Abdul.
Matthew: Abdul. *inserts skull and crying emoji*

Would you guys try to create a definition under a certain word in the future? If so, what would that word be?
Marcus: College board = the most corrupt non-profit. I said what I said, print it or not ?
Abdul: I’ll do Abdul and the definition will be “Don’t listen to every other definition about Abdul.”
Coco: I want to define “Genshin players’” as normal people who went from having a normal social life to gacha addicts who can’t help but spend money for pixel waifus, husbandos, and their weapons. They’re in a dire need to touch grass and focus on getting their favorite characters to Friendship 10 instead of their real life friends. They constantly complain about the game and yet can’t bring themselves to delete the app, creating a toxic relationship (even worse than the one between them and their imaginary exes) between the game and the players.
Taeyoon: League players … no grass ?
Matthew: Men… Best things to touch.