Homecoming King: Jaiden Curlin

Introducing.. the official 2021 Homecoming King Jaiden Curlin! In this exclusive Wolfpacket interview with Features Editor Sequoia Clark and Asst. Sports Editor Casey Shoultz, Curlin talks about how he would hypothetically feel about winning, and what being on Court means to him.
Disclaimer: The interview took place on February 17, before the King and Queen were announced on February 26.

S: How do you feel about winning in general? Would or will you expect it, and how would you react?

J: I think my reaction to winning would just be utter surprise, In my entire last four years of high school, I never really thought about homecoming court, you always assume that there are other people who will be nominated. I never actually thought this would happen.

S: You’re obviously very surprised, but why do you think people chose to vote for you when they didn’t think that they would. Why do you think that you have been chosen to represent the student body in this way?

J: I participate in a lot of stuff, outside of school too, so I’ve met a lot of people and in general made a lot of friends I’d say.

S: What does being on court mean to you? What are you getting out of this experience?

J: I think I’m just getting that recognition from my classmates like I’m getting a little bit valued by them. Just recognition from my peers.

S: Okay so hypothetically you do win (this statement is no longer hypothetical) other than possible surprise what is the first thing you do what is your reaction?

J: If I do win, I think I’ll probably brag to my siblings because none of the three of were nominated for Hoco Court. I’ve got three other siblings and they were surprised too [That I was on Court].

S: In general with so many different candidates through the years, there have been some that really care about winning and there are some that are really just along for the ride. Where do you think you fall on that spectrum?

J: I think I’m definitely a bit more indifferent, to be perfectly honest with you I don’t really think this matters a whole lot you know I mean. It’s kind of just for fun so it doesn’t really hold too much weight. If I win I win and if I don’t it’s okay.

S: So, if you have the complete floor, this pretty open ended, but if you could say one thing to the student body whether it be serious or not, what would you want to say?

J: It would be just be nice to each other, this year has been harder than usual so yeah just be nice to each other.