A poem from the graduating Wolfpacket EICs

Graduating Class of 2021
Finally the end of this long run
Mostly online days spent on Zoom
Classes in our own bedrooms


Senior year behind a screen
Heads wired on coffee beans
Winding down the year, finally back in class
Bottom halves of faces covered still in masks


Alas, poor Yorick, the year we’ve been through
So many issues and barely a clue
Where to begin and where to start
And yet us seniors are about to depart


Did you know? Charlie Warren is off to Duke
And Harvard bound is Mohammed Maaroof
Silvas and Hammill head to Fordham
Quadrini has a lot he owes to Madame


Record numbers head to Lewis & Clark
While Kusleika’s legacy is sure to leave a mark
CHS students head to Cal States and UCs
The drive to Cal Poly, sans traffic, is a breeze


Abbott and Plunier fly off to McGill
Mathias farther to Scotland, surely a thrill
Vassar, Pace, Cornell, and Barnard
Gone are the days of the schoolyard


Headed to Minnesota are O’Leary, Planinc, and Brown
While Patel, Park, and Villalba are just headed downtown
Mt. Sac, Chaffey, and Citrus will see their share
Of CHS students’ talent and care


So many seniors off to explore
What the world has to offer, wonders galore
Leaving the nest, heading somewhere new
A whole new world for me and you


So, Senior Class of 2021
It’s been real, it’s been fun
And even though, this wasn’t the year we imagined
Go forth, bring joy, and live with compassion