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The student news site of Claremont High School

The Wolfpacket

The student news site of Claremont High School

The Wolfpacket

CHS grad documents dire day: The Insurrection  captured in photos

CHS grad documents dire day: The Insurrection captured in photos

Carrie Anne Little, Reporter June 27, 2022

On January 6, 2021, Claremont High School 2011 graduate Amanda Andrade-Rhoades found herself putting her life on the line documenting one of the biggest historical events of the 21st century. Over a year...

Reporter Anna Jiang posing with the Wolfpackets room cardboard cut out mascots

SATIRE: Best room on campus, the Wolfpacket room

Anna Jiang, Reporter April 1, 2022

Everyone has heard of ASB, with their flashy posters at school events and “amazing” organization skills. They even have a special sign on their office door dedicated to them, essentially trying to...

This haunts my nightmares, and it will undoubtedly haunt yours too. Courtesy of

SATIRE: What Is An Artichoke?

Rhea Sethi, Contributing Reporter April 1, 2022

I consider myself to be a fairly knowledgeable person. In the realm of “common sense”, I have plenty. Ask me what an artichoke is, though, and I will be lost. The truth is that I genuinely do not...

Xiemena Marenco

SATIRE: Duo the owl wreaking havoc on CHS one reminder at a time

Isabelle Shie, Reporter March 4, 2022

Late at night, everything was as quiet as a mouse. The moon glowed eerily through the pane of glass: the only thing standing between the sleeping child and a malicious force of evil. The child awakened...

Courtesy of Ms. Suarez

Multiple Teachers Leaving CHS Impacts Students

Anna Jiang, Isabelle Shie , Reporter March 4, 2022

With several teachers leaving CHS for extended periods of time, the quality of education and the increasing need for substitutes have quickly come into play. Many students across campus are being heavily...

CHS history department bans digital note taking and music

CHS history department bans digital note taking and music

Carrie Anne Little, Reporter March 4, 2022

It is the beginning of the first week into semester two; students file into their history classes, sit down, and take out their respective note taking tools. Everyone is preparing for the dull weekly ritual...

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A Tribute to Tom Brady: The Greatest Quarterback to Ever Live

Lucas Grannis, Reporter March 4, 2022

In early April of 2000, after being drafted in the late sixth round, The New England Patriots called a young Tom Brady to congratulate him on his drafting to the team. Brady, on the telephone, went on...

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Wordle wages war on CHS

Isabelle Shie, Reporter March 4, 2022

Puppy. A terrible first guess to the sensational brain game: Wordle. Over the past few months, the web-based game centered around guessing a five-letter word has spiked in popularity. According to The...

The Wolfpackets life-changing dating advice

The Wolfpacket’s “life-changing” dating advice

Meghan Mason and Liza Platonov March 4, 2022

Unbeknownst to most CHS students, the Wolfpacket staff are world-renowned experts in the field of love and attraction. Our Instagram DMs are constantly flooded with questions from desperate students longing...

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Political views and Claremont hypocrisy

Carson Paul, reporter March 4, 2022

Claremont is a beautiful little city with small suburban houses, trees sprawled everywhere, and beautiful streets. When looking around, it is even more picturesque with a perfect plaza and gorgeous college...

Our March Artist Feature

March 4, 2022

The Wolfpacket has many talented artists who contribute to the Wolfpacket on a regular basis. Their work brings the newspaper together and enhances the storytelling of our pieces. As a thank you for their...

Claremont High School’s Current Sub Crisis

Mercer Weis, Guest Reporter January 21, 2022

When envisioning a team sport like soccer, the first illustrations that come to mind are its intensity and fast-paced nature. For example, as soccer athletes eventually wear out from running back and forth,...

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