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Ady Bolinger
Ady Bolinger is a new edition to the Wolfpacket this year! Bolinger, a sophomore at Claremont High School, holds a reporter position this year. Bolinger feels journalism is her calling and enjoys writing articles for the Claremont Courier. Aspiring to become a political journalist, Bolinger looks forward to continuing to deepen her passion for writing in the upcoming year. Bolinger is also very involved in youth activism and cares greatly about politics and global issues. Bolinger is vice-president of a new club on campus titled “Disarm Hate,” a group of students focusing on ending gun violence and spreading awareness towards the issue. Along with that, Bolinger is involved in club soccer and Claremont High’s Speech and Debate team. Bolinger looks forward to a year of hard-work and progression.

Ady Bolinger, Reporter

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