Bye, Boba; Tocaja May Close Its Doors

Finding the best boba in one’s city has become a mission of many high school students. Tocaja, a popular local tea and boba shop in the Claremont Village, has fulfilled this tedious mission for many. However, heartbreaking news rolls in for many as the beloved shop is likely to be closing in the upcoming months.

Tony Hsiao, current owner of Tocaja, founded the business in 2015. However, unlike many local business owners, he did not grow up in Claremont. Hsiao grew up with his family in Taiwan, and moved to the United States about 20 years ago, as a young adult. His older brother had already been in Claremont upon Hsiao’s arrival, as his parents sent the Hsiao brothers from Taiwan to American in hopes of a better life for them both. As soon as he arrived, Hsiao began to chase the American dream, deciding to found his own business.

“I wanted to try something new, something different,” Hsiao said. “I didn’t want to get old and regret it, thinking ‘I should have done that!’ So, I decided to give it a shot.”

So, Tocaja was born — a cozy, dimly lit tea, coffee, and boba cafe. Since the opening of Tocaja in 2015, the cafe has grown into small-town spot where students of CHS and the Claremont Colleges are known to study or relax and grab a refreshing drink (with house-made boba).

However, there is bad news for die-hard Tocaja fans as its location in the village is currently up for sale. This means that Toacja will be no more in as soon as a few months. While Hsiao told the Wolfpacket he was deeply saddened to have to sell, he confirmed it to be true, as he must temporarily move back to Taiwan to help his family. This move will drastically affect Tocaja and its employees, seeing as Hsiao is looking to sell the business. However, he has stressed that Tocaja’s absence will likely be only temporary, and he may come back and revive Tocaja in the future.

“Who knows! Maybe someday I’ll be back,” Hsiao said, leaving a shred of hope for Tocaja fans disheartened by the upcoming change.

While there have been a few parties interested in purchasing Tocaja, the fish has yet to bite the hook. Tocaja, as of now, is still fully functioning. Citizens of Claremont are free to stop by for a warm drink, a refreshing iced boba tea, or simply a cozy place to study in peace and quiet while they still can. No matter the fate of Tocaja, it will definitely leave its legacy on Claremont.