Homecoming 2019 Princess Sierra Jimenez

At a mere six years old, homecoming princess Sierra Jimenez saw her first ever Broadway musical, a showing of Wicked that sparked her passion for theater. From that day on, Jimenez has embraced her love for theater, knowing it was something she would want to try out herself. With ten years of musical theater experience, four years of CHS theater under her belt, and a steady plan to pursue musical theater in college, CHS senior Sierra Jimenez expresses her excitement and gratitude to have been nominated for CHS’ homecoming court this year. 

Jimenez would like to give a shout out and an immense thank you to Mr. DiGiulio and Mrs. Elhai for pushing her to strive for success and simply enhancing her entire high school experience. Her favored teachers highly reflect her preferred school subjects. 

“I’d say theater is probably my favorite subject, but if it had to be academic, probably English,” Jimenez said. 

Jimenez has been involved in CHS theater all four years of high school, however she is not stopping there. It is Jimenez’s dream to take her talents, and absolute love of theater to the stage, hoping to major in musical theater in college. However, her utter passion for theater carries over into her outside-of-school life as well. Along with being a member of CHS’ Chambers Singers and musical theater program, she pursues tap dancing classes and voice lessons outside of school through local voice coach Sean Burns. 

Along with this, Jimenez expressed her pure joy and excitement to be nominated for homecoming court. 

“I definitely look up to people who are nominated,” said Jimenez, “To me, being on homecoming court means people see you as a good person doing good things. It’s special to me to be recognized as one of those people.”