Sports Q&A: How are CHS underclassman athletes adjusting to quarantine?

Questions used:
1. Are you planning on playing your sport in college? If so, has your recruitment process been affected by the cancellation of your sports season?
2. Have you been trying to maintain your fitness and skills for your sport in some way at home? If so, how?
3. Have you heard of the #stayathome challenge with your sport? Have you done any type of Zoom call, online, etc. workout with your team?
4. What are your feelings towards losing one of your high school sports seasons?
5. Are you doing any sort of personal tests to substitute for your lost competitions? (time trial, mountain bike racing, etc.)
6. What do you miss most about having a normal sports season at CHS?
7. (only for Ella) Is it more difficult during this time for swimmers because not all of them have pools? Are there land exercises swimmers are practicing that work just the same?

Aubrey Champion (Sophomore, Softball)
1. Yes, I plan on playing softball in college. My recruitment process has been cut short due to the virus. Even though I can’t commit as a sophomore, it has given me less time to get live action and game play to refine my skill.
2. I have been able to maintain my fitness and sports skills at home. Everyday, I take at least 100 swings off the tee and I do short hops against a wall with a tennis ball. This is to maintain my defensive and offensive skills. I have Zoom workouts Mon. through Wed. with my travel ball team for about an hour. I also have my own workout I set up each morning.
3. I do not have any Zoom workouts with varsity softball at CHS, but with my travel ball team I do have one for about an hour Mon-Wed. It is a great way to see my teammates and interact with them, as well as my coach, while working out.
4. I am very sad about losing my sophomore high school sport season. We were only able to get a few games in before rain came, and then the virus came which shut the whole thing down. Luckily, I am a sophomore so I still have two more years playing with my teammates on varsity. It is very heartbreaking for the seniors and I’m sad that I won’t be able to play with them ever again.
5. There are really no personal tests I can do to substitute for losing my season because softball is a team sport. I just have to work on my craft everyday to make myself a better player so when I go back to playing I can make my team better.
6. I miss seeing all my teammates and friends everyday. I also miss bus rides and games with my team.

Ella Misawa (Sophomore, Swim)
1. I don’t plan on playing my sport in college.
2. I’ve been trying to keep in shape for swim by working on my core strength and my leg strength, and I’m trying to find motivation to start cardio.
3. I have not heard of the #stayathome challenge. My team has not organized any online workout that I would be able to participate in.
4. I’m pretty disappointed because this would have been my first year on varsity. The shutdown happened just before our first real meet, so I didn’t even have a chance to experience a small part of the season, which I was really looking forward to.
5. I am not doing any personal tests to substitute for competitions because I don’t have a pool big enough to swim the distances that I need to.
6. I miss the sport itself. Swimming was a way for me to think about things and clear my head. I also miss seeing my friends who are on the team.
7. I think it is more difficult for swimmers because some either don’t have access to a pool or don’t have a pool that’s long enough to swim laps in. There are no exercises that are exactly like swimming, but there are some that help swimmers stay fit. We can work on core, legs, arms, and cardio.

Alex Chang (Freshman, Tennis and Cross-Country)
1. I’m not really looking to focus on athletics in college, but I might still do it recreationally.
2&3. We still have several weekly workouts for cross-country on Zoom meetings, as well as regular running assignments. It’s nice that cross-country isn’t affected too heavily training-wise, since we would be in bad shape for next year if it were.
4. The CHS tennis season got canceled after only one season match, which sucks since it was my first year on the team and I was really looking forward to it.
5. I’m doing a lot of upper-body workouts so that I’m in good shape when I get back to tennis.
6. I miss being able to play the sports themselves as well as actually being with my teammates. For me, half of the high school sports experience is the interactions you engage in with other people.