Women’s History Month Feature: Feminism Club

Feminism Club is one of the many clubs at CHS, led by club president Anna Jiang and vice president Vivian Norum, who are fighting the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding women. The goal of Feminism Club is to break those stigmas and fight those stereotypes. In their club, they have discussed various topics such as the different types of feminism, the stereotypes surrounding females, and how stereotypes can be detrimental to one’s mental health.

“Feminism club is just a club where everyone is welcome regardless of their gender, race, and sexuality,” Jiang said. “It is not a club strictly for “girls” or just a club where we talk about girls, it is a club that works towards equality for all genders.”

As Women’s History Month is upon us, Feminism Club plans to celebrate with a special event and informational meetings to discuss and talk about what Women’s History Month celebrates.

“For Women’s History Month, we were all talking about doing a really special event and a meeting that will go over what Women’s History Month is all about and how it’s celebrated,” Jiang said.