Homecoming Queen: August Waggener


From teaching kids about art, studying marine biology, and learning Japanese, there’s practically nothing CHS senior August Waggener doesn’t do. As an involved member of musical theatre, choir, and art start, Waggener is very well known around campus; so it’s to nobody’s surprise but their own that they are a part of this year’s homecoming court.

“I always have this mentality that no one likes me or I’m not good enough, but getting enough votes to even be a semi-finalist, it’s cool to know that my peers actually like me enough for that … it feels really nice,” Waggener said.

After high school, Waggener hopes to attend Lewis and Clark College, where they are applying early, and are ready to commit to their interests in biology and Japanese, which they plan to major and minor in respectively.

As a performer themself, Waggener is a big music lover. In their free time, they enjoy singing and playing guitar. Although their taste in music changes month to month, they are currently into pop-punk or anything that sounds aggressive. However, they are timelessly a diehard Swiftie and David Bowie stan. They are also an avid reader and almost always have a book on hand.
As an extrovert, Waggener loves meeting new people and thrives on giving and receiving “positive affirmations”. This is a skill that has helped them throughout high school, and they encourage those just starting to tune into their confident extroverted side:

“Do your best to just be kind to other people,” Waggener said. “If you are nice to people they are going to like you. Being kind is way more important than any other thing to me. … you never know what’s happening in someone’s life. … also try not to let people bring you down; if there’s a way you want to dress, do it, if there’s something you want to do, you should do it. … once you graduate high school you are never gonna see these people ever again, it literally does not matter.”

Their last piece of advice is to seek out choir director Dr. Wilson, who they want to give a shout out to for supplying them with yogurt-covered pretzels and being so “hip and cool.”