“The Songs of Achilles” book review


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“Song of Achilles” deserves a solid 9/10. Both the plot and the writing were executed very well and this book kept me wanting to read more with every page. It takes place during the time of the Trojan War and features a beautiful relationship between main characters Achilles and Patroclus. The book is an adaptation of the Iliad, telling the story of Patroclus, a young Greek prince who was exiled by his own father and sent away to live in Phthia. Here he befriends Achilles, who is an extremely talented warrior with a prophecy that he would gain glory and immortality in war against Troy, but he would also die when the Trojan Hector dies. The author does an excellent job giving the unique point of view of Patroclus. The author writes simplistically , but still captures the details and emotion of their story. It does seem to stray away from the traditional stories of Achilles and Patroclus, but still offered a unique perspective and view of what their relationship consisted of. It was beautifully portrayed and leaves readers with a heartbreaking ending.