SATIRE: Be mine, N95: kiss me through the mask

Together, as students of CHS, we must band together to reduce PDA, and as mask protocols get lifted at Claremont Highschool, I have a feeling I am going to be seeing a lot more smooches. In order to resolve this, couples should be the only ones who must still adhere to prior mandates. A distance of at least six feet should be put in between the couples; however, they are free to be close with anybody else. Gloves must be mandated for holding hands and hand sanitizer must be used when one comes into contact with those in a relationship.

The biggest issue has to be the public canoodling. Throughout my long and arduous six hour school day, the last thing I need to witness are couples straddling each other in the middle of the hallway. I can no longer get things from my locker in peace. In order to get my three pound calculus textbook, I need to squeeze past the couple that is quite literally conjoined together. The more I see these couples, the more they look like public art pieces. That is not to say that they belong in LA’s Museum Of Modern Art, but they definitely start a conversation and one cannot help but stare and question why it exists. Having couples maintain a distance of six feet apart (or more preferably) leaves a perfect gap to move by without awkwardly brushing the shoulders of two people sharing a very intimate moment in the quad.

Speaking of intimate moments, let us not forget the holy grail for nefarious and raunchy activities: the all-gender bathroom. I creep into that bathroom with a paralyzing fear of the horrors in store. The reputation of that bathroom is so bad one can only pray for the not so inconspicuous four legs one stall rather than an open display of affection. Nothing beats urinating within five feet of two fourteen year olds you hope are just making out…

Courtesy of Getty Images

It is tiring to witness 14 year olds face-battling at eight in the morning. Here is a simple solution for this: mask kissing! Kissing through masks is not only safe but it is also cute and trendy. Couples can even match with their masks, and it looks entirely normal (not scarring at all)!

I think what these couples are yearning, dying if you will, to express is their adoration and love for one another. Well, if the face smushing, and piggy back rides in central quad are not enough, couples can always wear masks that proclaim their love for their significant other. Here are a couple of ideas for mask designs: your significant other’s name, your significant other’s face, a picture of Will Smith with your significant other’s face photoshopped onto his head.

Look, some of those reading this may be the culprits of this PDA and may feel offended by this article. Some may even think I am just jealous of what they have, and honestly they are right. You have no idea how much I wish I could have a full on WWE Wrestlemania match with my significant other at nine in the morning.