Homecoming Prince – Jaiden Curlin

If you are familiar with Jaiden Curlin, you are probably not surprised to hear of his nomination to the CHS Homecoming Court. Curlin is as involved in school organizations as he is involved in the school community itself. Always cracking jokes, having a laugh, or making small talk with any and everyone, Curlin is the kind of person that draws people in and puts them at ease. Whether he’s playing soccer, volunteering, or hammering out the final draft of his page of the Wolfpacket during a late night, Curlin finds a way to have fun. His friendships have shaped his high school experience: his fondest memories of it are happy moments shared with friends. Curlin reflects warmly on his four years as a member of the Wolfpacket’s staff, as well on the time he spent with his teammates on the JV boys soccer team in his junior year.

“It was the perfect combination of having fun at practice and being competitive,” Curlin said. “We always found out how to mess around a bunch but when game time came around, we were all ready to win. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had during soccer.”

Curlin truly enjoys his extracurriculars and wants to be passionate about whatever work he pursues in the future. He intends to continue his studies at a college but is undecided on a particular major. Instead, he is keeping an open mind and plans to search for the subject that is right for him.

“I hope that, by the end of college, I figure out what exactly I want to do,” Curlin said. “That’s the goal: find my niche and my ideal circumstance.”

Curlin gives a special shout out to CHS seniors Brian Reagan, Caren Uribe, Sebastian Cursaro, and Jahday Drewery.