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Asiya Junisbai

Asiya Junisbai, Co-Opinions Editor

Asiya Junisbai is an Opinions Section editor that has been with the Woflpacket since her sophomore year. As a senior at CHS that is finishing high school from home, she no longer wishes to self-censor in an attempt to avoid disagreement with others. Junisbai loves editing for her section and overseeing the production of content that is bold and conversation-provoking. She views the newspaper as a platform for self-expression and for vocalized activism; her hope is that its readers approach it as such.

In her free time, Junisbai enjoys barking at white supremacists, watching anime, listening to Erykah Badu, and writing angry editorial pieces for the Wolfpacket on top of her work as an editor. She is currently invested in multiple projects outside of school, such as Leftist Link Up, the weekly public forum she co-hosts with two other brilliant, revolutionary women. She also writes articles for RX, a radical magazine she works on with her mutuals.

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Asiya Junisbai