Bali, Indonesia

Whether it is the break from schoolwork or the warm sunny weather, many students love summer. One of the most special summer pastimes is travel. Freshman Amanda Shultz traveled to Bali—a lush island in Indonesia known for its forested volcanic mountains, clear turquoise beaches and coral reefs—with family this summer.
“The most memorable part were the volcanoes. They were really big and different because everything around them was dead and barren but the rest of the island was so green,” Shultz said. She went on to describe a typical day during her Bali vacation. “During the trip I went to a lot of different beaches,” she described. “Drivers would take us all around the island wherever we wanted to go.”
As the vast majority of Balinese people are bilingual or trilingual, it seems that language barriers are not much of an issue for visiting foreigners. In fact, Shultz describes one of the nicest things about the island being the people there and their warm, welcoming attitudes. All in all, a trip to Bali, Indonesia sounds like a pretty amazing experience when it comes to both local nature and local people.