Azalea Segura-Mora To Run Cross-Country At UCSD

Azalea Segura-Mora has made some of her best memories at CHS from her strong work ethic and her passion for classical music. Throughout the years she has made her time at CHS well spent from winning Battle of the Bands her junior year with her band Corazon de Melon to being a strong cross-country runner.

Segura-Mora was recruited by UCSD although she was not quite sure about whether or not she should go. She looked into what they had to offer and saw that they had strong academics, a great athletic program, and an appealing opportunity to major in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts. When she saw the opportunity to pursue her passion she knew that UCSD was the school that was right for her. She valued the idea of being a part of a hard-working team with great coaches and the ability of also being able to express herself with music outside of her athletics.

Cross-country is something that challenges Segura-Mora and brings her a sense of happiness when training. When choosing a school to attend, Segura-Mora wanted to take her time. When she got chosen for a UCSD scholarship, she was not sure if that school was right for her. Ever since her junior year, one of the coaches at UCSD had reached out to her because of her strong running times. While trying to make the decision, she visited UCSD once for a day then again for an overnight trip with the cross-country team. After seeing all that UCSD had to offer, Azalea knew that rendering a final verdict on her college of choice was a very important, yet clear choice to make. But with the help of her parents and CHS, she knew that she was destined to attend this school.

“I felt a lot of pressure, having to consider their athletic programs, the coaches, and on top of everything the scholarship offers,” said Segura-Mora. “It honestly was a stressful decision to make, but with the support of my high school coach and my parents I chose UCSD, which felt right for me.”

Segura-Mora is majoring in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts. This major focuses on the technology of creating music and art, which is something that Segura-Mora is very passionate about.

“Music has been a passion for me, I’ve been in the school’s Orchestra for quite some time,” said Segura-Mora. “But I also create music on my own and with a band Corazon de Melon, with my friends Norma Rodriguez and Maya Mourani. My love for music has inspired me to pursue this path.”

Segura-Mora is an amazing, hard-working athlete and musician who has worked hard for her dreams. She pushes herself every day to do better and better and will keep doing so when she goes to UCSD. Although she will not see her friends and family on a regular day to day basis, she is ready to move forward and make new friends along the way.