Tatiana Sosnovsky: A Shot’s Throw From Home

For many, college is a representation of all things academic. It makes sense given the stories of all-nighters, rigorous midterms and the stress of choosing a major, but Tatiana Sosnovsky plans to take all of that and more in stride this fall when she attends Concordia University on a track and field scholarship. Sosnovsky prides herself on her scholarship-worthy abilities in shot put and discus, and hopes to translate those skills over to her new school.

Tatiana first became aware of Concordia through her email correspondence with one of the coaches there. Over time, their relationship blossomed and she was able to earn a track and field scholarship from Concordia. These coming four years will add on to the previous six years of track experience already under Sosnovsky’s belt. Off the field, Sosnovsky plans on majoring in actuarial science, which is the study of calculating risk probability using statistics.

Concordia is situated in nearby Irvine, and being so close to home definitely is a plus for Sosnovsky. The thought of being so close to home is ideal for acclimating to her new school.

“Not living at home is going to be a lot different, but I’m pretty excited for that. It’s close enough so that I can come home on the weekends,” Sosnovky said.

Being away from CHS will also come a bit hard for Sosnovsky, as she will have to leave behind many of the lasting relationships she has built with her fellow students and some of her teachers, too. Saying goodbye to CHS track and field may also prove to be a bit difficult, as many of Tatiana’s best moments in high school were spent alongside the tight-knit cohort of throwers as well as the rest of the track team.

“During the meets, it was really fun to hang out with the team,” Sosnovsky said. I made a lot of memories there.”

Despite having to leave all of her CHS memories, Sosnovsky is more than ready to move on and begin the next chapter of her life. A new school and team both await to embrace her with open arms at Concordia. CHS wishes her nothing but the best both on and off the field at Concordia!

Photo Courtesy of Tatiana Sosnovsky