Cuisine of Claremont: A Special on Crème Bakery


A few of the wide variety of dessert and pastry choices that Creme Bakery offers. Pictured on top are lemon scones and on the bottom are croissants.

On Sept. 19, 2018, Erica Dubreuil opened the doors to Crème Bakery. Its beautiful interior design and constant smell of delicious pasties wafting through the air can make anyone feel at home. From croissants to cakes, everything is made fresh in the morning. Over the past year, Crème has amassed a reputation for consistently delicious yet authentic food, which is exactly its intent.

Dubreuil describes the shop as her personal extension of her love for artisanal baking. She first began working in a bakery 35 years ago in Washington DC, where she fell in love with the daily exchange between herself and the patrons. She went on to become regional vice president of Whole Foods Market where she worked up until 2016, when Dubreil left to start working on the creation of Crème.

“Having a direct link back to a small community-based retail bakery has always been something that I wanted to do again,” Dubreuil said. “With one of my sons graduating and the other a sophomore, the timing just seemed right to shift away from the corporate world.”

Though the bakery has had a great deal of success over the past year, Dubreuil has no plans of creating more locations for the bakery. She believes that the bakery’s success is in its ability to routinely create great products with her team of artisan bakers.

“Success for me isn’t financial; this is not that type of project,” Dubreuil said. “It’s about making some really good breads and amazing pastries every day and being consistently great at it.”

She believes that the feeling one gets when they receive a loaf of bread or scones that are still warm to the touch cannot be replicated. For Dubreuil, if the baked goods were even a few hours older, they would not be the same and with more locations, customers would no longer be able to get the same euphoria of biting into something straight out of the oven.

While she does not bake the pastries herself anymore, she works alongside her bakers to create new recipes and works the register everyday. She has made her dream a reality and is able to truly exist in the conversations with her customers. Crème is flourishing, and not just because of the delectable food, but the comforting and alluring atmosphere as well.