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Over the past decade, technology has evolved to levels beyond imagination. Think of all the crazy technological advancements that have improved just in the past few months! Whether we like it or not, the world around us is changing–fast. One of the new 2017 inventions that came out recently is the seed water bottle. Think about it. There are all kinds of devices to track exercise, but none to track water intake. Not anymore. The seed water bottle shows the percent of water a body has in it, reminding the person when it is too low to go drink something. But that is not all. With just a touch of the top of the cap, it shows you the exact temperature of the water. If your water is ever contaminated, it will also tell you. This device could be used to keep thousands of runners healthy and fit. This bottle could prevent many headaches, cramps, and blackouts in the future and is definetly something considerable to buy. Another amazing new invention that recently came out is the Waves XN application. It is a virtual reality app, that turns everything you’re doing from 2D to 3D. Using any pair of headphones, attach the Waves XN attachment on to the back. This attachment can be used for playing music, watching movies and basically anything a person could do on a phone. This technology would be thousands of dollars just a few years ago, but now can be used on a smart phone or tablet.

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