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Mrs. Natalie Sieg’s Story

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It’s hard for me to explain how many times I feel like I have failed and then recovered. I failed a math class in college, lost countless ASB elections in high school, and even went on about 6 teaching interviews before I got hired. One of the best failure stories has to be when I was interviewing for a teaching job. I had an interview at a high school and there were 15 people huddled around a table asking me questions. I was doing ok until they asked me to teach a mini-lesson “on the spot”—there I was FROZEN and eventually all I could come up with was that they should get up and act out the battle Normandy. What was I thinking!
Anyway, I walked to my car laughing and crying simultaneously because I knew I was not going to get the job. My interview for CHS was the next week and it went well. I had got all my nerves out at that other one…crazy how things work out.

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Mrs. Natalie Sieg’s Story