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Looking back on 2017, velvet was definitely one of the most prominent fashion trends of the year. Velvet has become a staple in many women’s clothing stores. This can possibly be attributed to the versatility of the fabric. Velvet’s versatility permits it to appear on all sorts of articles of clothing and gain mass popularity. These such articles include boots, sneakers, suits, dresses, bags, jackets, chokers, rompers, blouses, and almost any other article imaginable. This velvet trend has been spotted on a variety of celebrities and style icons, including, Rihanna, Zendaya, Blake Lively, Shailene Woodley, and a multitude of others. But velvet is not the only major trend that dominated 2017.
Another popular clothing trend in 2017 was the off-the-shoulder top (also known as the cold shoulder top). Though this item has been around since the mid-1800s, its popularity peaked during the summer and has maintained its demand ever since. Off-the-shoulder tops are endlessly versatile due to their ability to be found as a top or as a dress.
Lastly, the choker, an endlessly versatile accessory, was a trend that dominated the year. Throughout 2017, designers created many varieties of chokers, each with their own twist upon the standard choker. Chokers vary in terms of their style, color, and fabric, making there be a style fit for everyone. These endlessly customizable accessories were definitely a staple to 2017 fashion. Many designers are noting that dainty chokers are moving towards being layered. This will be something to keep in mind in the coming year.
In 2018, some trends will maintain their popularity, and others will not. Only time will tell where velvet, off-the-shoulder tops, and chokers will land on that spectrum.

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