Dates Can Be a Bore; Friends Are More Fun on the Dance Floor

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With the homecoming dance just around the corner, bundles of flowers, handfuls of balloons, and punny poster board proposals are an everyday sight here at CHS. To an onlooker of these homecoming festivities who may not have a date to the dance: do not start the self-pitying just yet. Although it may seem like many students are coupling up for homecoming, one does not need a date to attend the dance and have an enjoyable night. Even without a date, an individual can have just as much fun because the night can be spent with friends.
Homecoming can definitely still be enjoyable without a date because an individual can just focus on themselves and having a fun night. Oftentimes with a date, one may feel the pressure of making sure that their date is also having a pleasurable time throughout the dance. However, when at the dance without a date, people can dance and socialize with whomever they want without having to worry about where their date may be or how they may be feeling. By going to the homecoming dance with friends, one does not have to cater to anyone else’s enjoyment.
Also, when attending homecoming without a date, the individual will not be tied down to one person. Though students do not have to necessarily spend the entire dance with their date, the general expectation is to spend a decent portion of the night with them. A suggestion is to make plans for the dance based on how the night would be enjoyed most, whether with a date or a group of friends. When one goes with someone to homecoming just the sake of having a date, it may feel more like an obligation to hang out with them rather than an enjoyable aspect of their night. One then must choose between spending time with friends or not ditching their date. Do not settle for a date just for the sake of having one! Going to homecoming solo allows an individual to mingle and dance with whomever they want without restriction or the obligation of a date. It is best to keep in mind how the night would be enjoyed most, date or no date, and plan accordingly.
Lastly, homecoming is a memorable high school experience. Not having a date should not be the only reason holding an individual back from experiencing this potentially unforgettable night. Looking back later in life, one may feel a twinge of regret due to not attending the homecoming dance because of a lack of a date. Remember, having a date is not the only way to have fun at the dance.
To all those who do not have dates to homecoming, a fun time is awaiting you. It is time to stop that self-pity. See you at homecoming, Wolfpack!

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