Sydney La Lands A Spot at Chapman University


Courtesy of Sydney La

Sydney La knows the importance of balance. Along with making tennis the center of her life, La has managed a balancing act throughout high school between academics and sports, landing her a spot at Chapman University and its tennis team.

La has been an avid student throughout her years at Claremont High, challenging herself with many AP classes and striving for perfection, especially in her favorite subjects of chemistry and English. In addition to academic excellence, La has been a devoted member of the Claremont High School Girls’ Varsity Tennis team throughout her high school career.

“One of my favorite memories is winning the quarterfinals at Valencia High School as a freshman, and the joy I felt from racking up the points and realizing that we had won”, La said.

Although she was accepted to Chapman University for academics earlier this school year, she has quickly established herself as an athletic force there as well. Before even entering the school, La’s clear talent for tennis has secured her a spot on the team. She will join her older sister, who also attends the university, on the team as well.

“I am currently a D3 athlete because that is the level for which I can manage both tennis and academics in the best way,” La says. “I don’t plan on pursuing tennis professionally, but I will continue to play club tennis.”

In college, La plans on pursuing the pharmaceutical industry, inspired by her grandfather’s decades-long career as a pharmacist. As a young girl, she noticed how her grandfather was able to impact people, which highlighted to her the importance of contributing to your community and helping others.

La will think back fondly upon her life at Claremont High School, which has helped her become the person she is today. Although she has experienced joys and difficulties alike at Claremont High School, she ultimately would not change anything at all about her experience. According to La, sitting on the grassy area in front of the library during lunch with friends are some of her favorite memories of high school. She would like to shout-out Nay, Super Lunch, Obi, Christie, Mally, and her other friends for helping her have a wonderful high school experience.