Jade Sun: Illuminating the Future of Filmmaking at the University of Oregon


Lights, camera, action! In the vast landscape of creativity, meet Jade Sun, a visionary young filmmaker whose passion for storytelling is destined to make waves in the world of cinema. With a burning desire to learn and grow, Jade has chosen the University of Oregon as their launching pad, drawn to its prestigious film program and vibrant artistic community. A previous CHS student and current San Antonio student, Jade is more than ready to embark on a new adventure, and with their creativity and passion for film-making, the University of Oregon makes for a great destination next fall.

Driven by their determination to master the craft, Jade sought a university that would cultivate their creativity and fuel their passion for filmmaking. The University of Oregon’s film program emerged as the ideal choice, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum that encompasses both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical experience. With a rich history of producing critically acclaimed filmmakers, the University of Oregon’s film program stood out as the perfect stage for Jade to bring their artistic visions to life, and rightfully so. During the 2020-2021 academic year, University of Oregon handed out 68 bachelor’s degrees in film, video and photographic arts. Due to this, the school was ranked #53 in popularity out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree. Jade hopes to take advantage of that opportunity, and plans to major in film studies. “The career choices I would like to pursue would involve the chance to direct cinematography. I’ve always been interested in skateboarding and film, and I’m really looking forward to having the opportunity to work on different projects.”

Beyond the classroom, Jade is eager to join the thriving artistic community on the University of Oregon’s campus. Surrounded by like-minded individuals who share their enthusiasm for cinema, they anticipate the countless opportunities that the University of Oregon strives to offer.

“I’m most excited to just move out to Oregon, and am very excited to explore the area and the city. The scenery is really beautiful, and so is the campus”, Sun said.
As Jade embarks on their journey at the University of Oregon, their experiences at both Claremont and San Antonio High School have helped them towards success, and they would like to look back on their favorite moments throughout high school.

“My favorite CHS memory would be taking Ms. Hills’ class. She was just really easygoing and made it a really fun class. My favorite memory from San Antonio from my senior year were the spirit weeks, which were always super fun”.

Before they depart to the green state of Oregon, Sun would like to shout out to their friends and the people that have made the high school experience worth it.

“Shoutout to incoming seniors Eleanor Meyers and Rem Rios, as well as Jane Varian, Ms. Hills and Mrs. Gaw.”

Jade will undoubtedly illuminate the future of filmmaking, leaving an indelible mark on the art form she holds dear. The University of Oregon is ready to witness the rise of a visionary filmmaker, and the world eagerly awaits the stories Jade Sun will tell.