Homecoming Prince – Charlie Warren

In speech, senior Charlie Warren delicately selects words from his vast repository of vocabulary, gained through innumerable hours of reading and study. Talk to him about video games (perhaps while discussing an installment of his Wolfpacket column “In Control”) or about sports (maybe while debating which basketball team is most likely to win March Madness), however, and he speaks a different language. Indeed, superstar student, gaming connoisseur, sports enthusiast, and now Homecoming Prince Charlie Warren contributes passionately to the Claremont community in his different hats on and off campus.
A considerate, lighthearted (yet serious about what matters to him), and engaging soul, Warren has been president of Model UN Club for two years out of the four he has been a member, is a sports editor on his third year as a staff member of the Wolfpacket, and has been a member of the speech and debate team since seventh grade, now holding the position of captain of the parliamentary debate team. Warren is also a candidate to receive the IB diploma this year.
This fall, Warren will attend Duke University in North Carolina, where he exuberantly awaits cheering for the Blue Devils’ “legendary college basketball program,” as he describes it. There, Warren also plans to voyage the world by studying abroad in college, perhaps in England. At Duke, Warren will embark on new voyages in the world of academics too, alighting on the realm of political science as a likely major.
“I’ve been interested in geography since I was four years old … Political science is kind of an extension of that. I enjoy studying the politics of the world surrounding us,” Warren said. “Although I do have more of an international bent, I also am very fascinated with domestic politics.”
Warren envisions himself specializing in international relations by becoming a professor or a diplomat after completing his studies. Although one could write volumes more about Warren’s pastimes and personality, this brief plunge into his world ends with a shoutout:
“I would like to give a shoutout to Baja Blast — you know who you are,” Warren said. “And I’d like to shout out my fellow Homecoming Prince Charlie Abbott.”