Claremont Cross-Country Celebrates Another Season of Success

Claremont’s beloved cross-country team has had their fair share of wins this season. Throughout the summer and fall, they put much time and effort to succeed in the sport that they love. To cap off their season, the girls’ team placed seventh at the Nov. 30th CIF State Championships, led by junior Angie Gushue, senior Azalea Segura-Mora, and sophomore Maddie Coles. Additionally, the boys’ team placed third at the state meet, led by junior Jack Keough-Lansford, and senior Adam Trafecanty. Regardless of how they finished their season, members of the cross-country team put up a good fight to run their races to the best of their abilities. With all the rigorous days of training the team has put in, they have worked hard to make a name for themselves and to meet their goals.

The girls’ varsity team members have been pushing themselves this season, especially with some of their top senior runners from last year having graduated. They have had to step up their game and take action to succeed. With the help of a new coaching staff, and teammates stepping up to take charge, the team was rebuilt and placed high at their various competitions, including a trip to Illinois that lasted for four days. This has let the team earn experience running in a different area that they are not used to competing in. But just as importantly, the trip gave them a chance to make life-long memories and grow closer and stronger as a whole.

Patience and dedication are required to endure all these demanding competitions and practices. Since running is such an involved sport that uses every muscle, it is very easy for injuries to occur. This cross-country season, like many others, has resulted in multiple team injuries. Gushue had difficulty running during her sophomore year due to knee problems. Still, she pushed through and did what she could to continue running, just like many others on the team.

“Running is such a difficult activity to do because it is constant wear and tear,” Gushue said. “But in return, I get a lot back from it because of all the hard work I put into it. ”

Gushue believes that she and her cross-country team have done a great job this year and she cannot wait to run with them again next year.

The boys’ cross-country team also gave it their all this season. By having to keep up with their competitors, the team has pushed itself each practice harder and harder to be the best. By mid-season, however, five out of the top ten runners were injured, one being Keough-Lansford who displaced his cuboid bone in his foot, which took him out for a month of training in the late summer. After healing he had to slowly ease back into the season during the school year.