Homecoming Court: Anthony Alvarado

This student has smoothly landed a spot on court’s top ten with his charisma, intelligence, and easygoing attitude, and now footballer Anthony Alvarado is ready to embrace his spot as a homecoming finalist.
“Right now, I feel pretty excited about being on court,” Alvarado said. “[Running for court] wasn’t planned, it was a last minute thing. I told my mom about it, she said that I should run for it, so I posted myself. Now I’m at the top ten.”
Alvarado is an avid member of CHS’s football team, and his fondest high school memories come from being out on the field.
“The games are… there’s a lot of emotions going on,” Alvarado said. “At the beginning, I’m nervous, and then it starts to go away as I hear the crowd. Then it becomes silent. When I get the football, everything goes blank. And then… it just happens.”
Alvarado has been playing football for a total of eight years, including three years spent on prestigious varsity. The first time he played, he landed a touchdown, and his current positions include tailback, slot receiver, and quarterback. Alvarado has no plans of stopping football post-graduation.
“I’m going to try to play [football] at whatever college I go to, and see where it takes me,” Alvarado said.
Regarding academics, he plans on studying something in the medical field, focusing on EMT work. In his personal life, Alvarado reveals that the most important thing to him is family. He has a younger brother attending CHS as a freshman, Gabriel Alvarado, and offers this sound advice to all freshmen,
“Keep going, do your part, and always work hard. Stay humble and hungry,” Alvarado said. “[My experience at CHS] has been exciting but chill at the same time. It has ups and downs, but I feel like it stays at a steady pace.”
Alvarado is thankful to his family and friends for having supported him thus far, and ultimately encourages everyone to pull up to the homecoming dance. “Thank you to my mom, my dad, for always being there for me. Shout out to my little brother Gabriel, and my little sister. And to my homies Raymond, Brian Esqueda, Kenny, Jamel, Grant Pillow, and Josh.”