SATIRE: Wordle to replace the SAT

In January, College Board announced that the SAT would be undergoing significant reform, most prominently including shifting to an online format. Many assumed the test itself would remain virtually the same, except taken on a device rather than an old-fashioned scantron sheet. However, files illegally obtained and leaked by SHART (Student Haters Against Regulated Testing) reveal that the College Board is completely redefining the testing experience. To better adapt to the modern world, the college entrance test will no longer be the SAT, but rather the beloved internet sensation, Wordle.

Since the data leak, many have expressed confusion over this drastic, borderline comedic shift in testing. It has raised the question of if a six letter word game could accurately measure intelligence and college readiness. However, some students are in favor of the proposed system, and they feel they can perform better on Wordle than the traditional SAT.
“wordle instead of sat? damn college board put its whole collegussy into this,” TikTok user grammarlyguyissexy said in College Board’s comment section.
While some students rejoice, those who invested valuable time and money into SAT prep are not quite yet ready to celebrate. Additionally, many prominent figures have come out against the new Wordle testing, including social media influencer and daughter of actress Lori Loughlin, Olivia Jade.

“idk guys i feel like this isn’t very fair,” Jade said, in a recent tweet. “i get that they want to give poor people a chance to go to college for like equality and whatever but like what about people like me who actually work hard?? idk let me know how you feel in my recent insta post’s comments xoxoxo”

Though the rubric is still being finalized, SHART received access to a draft of how the Wordle will be scored. The most hefty portion of the score is the ability to decipher the word without running out of guesses. The amount of time students take to finish, as well as the amount of guesses, will also be taken into account. According to the report, students who use common starting words, such as adieu, “will be shunned for their lack of creativity and personality through public humiliation.” Students who are unable to successfully guess the word in six attempts will have their college applications rescinded and instead “will be offered an obligatory, but fulfilling career opportunity at the brand new college board dopamine suppressant factories.”

While of course none of this has been officially released, SHART predicts that this new change will be implemented as soon as the next testing cycle. The Wolfpacket, capable of telling the truth and only the truth, wishes good luck to all future test takers.