Pottorff Caught in Cheer Scandal


Four-year participant of CHS’s very own cheer team Julia Pottorff was told that it was required to wear a cheer bow for the upcoming 2018-2019 cheer season. It is known that Pottorff has very short hair and it is nearly impossible to wear a bow.
This issue of her short hair was brought to attention on April 12, 2018 during her mock tryout for the 2018-2019 season. However, for the 2018-2019 cheer season, the new cheer team contract made participants of the team have long hair to wear a bow. In response, Pottorff spoke to Jeanie Koury, the CHS cheer advisor, mentioning that there was never an issue from the prior season about her shaved head, and that Kevin Menjivar, a boy who participated in cheer last year, was never told wear a bow.
“Making that video and standing up was not an enjoyable thing for me,” Pottorff said. “A lot of people think I did it for attention, but it was a last resort and I honestly had no other sensible solution.”
Pottorff posted the link to her Youtube video on Twitter and it was received with support from her friends. Others disagreed with Pottorff’s stance and began to say how she was being too dramatic and was only seeking attention. The video brought up a lot of controversy considering many had not yet heard of the issue. This made Pottorff feel as if she was not doing justice for the good of her team and the future generations of cheer.
“I would say to other girls for the future if you don’t agree with something, in cheer or not, always stand up for it and don’t be afraid of people saying you are dramatic because the positive outcomes outweigh the negative so much.”
The CHS cheer team now mandates that anyone can have short hair, but if decided to grow out their hair they must wear a bow once it is the appropriate length to wear one. However, if anyone who has short hair such as Pottorff, they can have short hair and still participate on the team.
Pottorff’s goals for the upcoming 2018-2019 season consist of making cheer have a positive outlook on the the school’s campus once again.